September 08, 2021

FOOD HACKS: Shigeji Shares 3 Easy Recipes You Can Try At Home

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  • There is a lot of talk about “Choi-tashi” (a little extra) cooking where you can make a tasty new version of a store-bought dish just by adding a few ingredients. This time, we’re introducing you to Mr. Shigeji, an expert in “Choi-tashi.”

    Primer reader, Mr. Shigeji is a 2021 Philippine Department of Tourism Certified Travel Meister. He was born in 1962, the same year as Tom Cruise, and has been to the Tokyo Olympics twice (not that he was competing, though). He created a philosophy in life that “cooking is the science of experience and imagination.” He said that you can also use instant food or convenience store food in order to make these simple and excellent recipes.

    Mr. Shigeji and his Sukiya-style Negitama Beef Bowl Dish


    Sukiya-style Negitama Beef Bowl

    Hatchin beef bowl lunch 

    ● Hatchin beef bowl
    ● Green onions
    ● Egg yolk
    ● Gochujang sesame oil
    ● White sesame seeds

    Sukiya-style Negitama Beef Bowl

    Cooking directions:
    1. Warm the beef bowl in a microwave and top it with a generous amount of green onions. Drop the yolk in the middle, and mix it along with the green onions.
    2. If you don’t have Gochujang, you can use Doubanjiang or a combination of chili oil and chili peppers.


    Seared Mackerel / Seared Pork

    Seared Mackerel / Seared Pork

    ● vinegared mackere
    ● Chashu pork

    Shime mackerel

    Cooking directions:
    1. Cut the ingredients and roast them all.
    ※ You can buy a hand torch (burner), readily available online.


    Simple Sandwich

    Egg and Chicken Sandwich

    Easy Egg Sandwich Spread

    ● Boiled egg
    ● Mayonnaise
    ● Pepper
    ● Zip lock bag

    Who says you can’t make delightful treats using simple ingredients?

    Cooking directions:
    1. Put the ingredients in a Zip lock bag and mix them together.
    2. Cut off the end of the bag and squeeze it out and put in the sandwich bread.

    Simple Chicken Sandwich Spread

    ● 1 pc fried chicken
    ● Lettuce, cut into large pieces
    ● Mayonnaise
    ● Pepper

    Cooking directions:
    1. Break up the chicken into little pieces and mix them with the lettuce.
    2. Add mayonnaise and pepper for extra flavor.

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese Magazines.

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