December 25, 2015

Nature’s Legacy

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    Green innovation is one of the most important facets that the eco-sustainable brand Nature’s Legacy has. Through the business’ innovative local craftsmanship, it takes center stage as one of the best global manufacturers here in the Philippines.


    NATURESCAST. Nature’s Legacy takes pride of its exquisite products known globally. Photo from

    Pete and Catherine Delantar, a married couple, started this business in 1996. This manufacturer of garden accessories and home furnishings hails in Compostela, Cebu, which is considered as the furniture capital of the Philippines. Nature’s Legacy is also known as one of the frontrunners of the Stone Casting industry. Aside from that, the company is also known for its local products that use raw materials to create an aesthetically appealing product design. The product that the company makes is always considerate of the environment thus making them known for eco-art produces.

    With the continuous success that the business has captured, Nature’s Legacy evolved and got recognized in the world. Naturescast, a line of scrap materials, such as forest wastes and fallen debris, is a well known brand of Nature’s Legacy. Aside from that, the business also has a line of flagship products made from excellent craftsmanship, such as chairs made of recycled mango seeds which was featured in the prestigious Grammy Awards event.

    With the green practices that Nature’s Legacy lives out, they continue to emerge as one of the most successful brands that extend help to its local community employees. By providing them housing facilities and various social commitment programs, Nature’s Legacy remains to be one of the top eco-businesses in the world.

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