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LUHO DISENYO, INC Makes Your Dream Designs a Reality

LUHO DISENYO, INC is an interior design firm by MOBILIA PRODUCTS INC in Cebu. Since its inception, the company has been providing services for famous hotels, and luxury residences and stores around the world. Helmed by experts with vast knowledge and experience in the field, it offers creative and innovative designs and solutions to its clients, intending to exceed their expectations in the process!

We build and design furniture, spaces, and interiors. We also accept interior design consultations.

Service introduction

1.  Interior Design Business
We provide interior design services to improve the safety and functionality of a space.
We make conceptual designs–both in print and digital–based on your ideas and requests.


2. Construction
We guarantee to bring your designs to reality and make them stand out above the rest.


3. OEM Business
To those who want to create their very own line of furniture, we offer you manufacturing, marketing, and consulting services to make things easier and faster for you.


4. Order-made Furniture Business
We produce quality, customized furniture to suit your needs.

Latest information


If you have had construction-related work done for you in the Philippines, I am sure you have experienced difficulties because things did not go the way your way. As a designer myself, I have tried relegating such work to various construction companies, but in the end, no matter who I asked for help, no matter how many times I tried to make things work for the better, things did not turn out the way I wanted them to be. I could not find a construction company that did its best for its clients. In short, I was always disappointed and dissatisfied with their work. That was then I realized that the customers pay for the realization of the spaces I have designed, not for the work of the construction companies I was collaborating with. So I decided to venture into this business and channel my lifelong passion to make projects worthy of the price my customers are quoting. While not everything is perfect, we strive toward that goal and promise to do our very best. We are looking forward to working with you when the opportunity arises.


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