February 13, 2018

Headquarters (HQ) in BGC: A haven in the age of geekdom

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  • Headquarters (HQ) in BGC: A haven in the age of geekdom

    Securing official and limited-edition collectibles just got easier and more convenient for Filipino pop culture fans with the launch of a new specialty store that provides a one-stop source of authentic geek merchandise in the country.

    Voltes Five merchandise

    Headquarters or HQ is a concept store that promises authentic finds for authentic fans. HQ’s goal is to curate officially licensed merchandise from different parts of the world and make them more accessible to Filipino fans. It aims to be the go-to store for rare and unique finds that appeal to a wide range of interests, be it comic books, movies, anime, video games, music, or other areas of pop culture.

    Astro Boy, Ultra Boy, and Black Jack shelf

    “One hurdle that pop culture fans typically face is the difficulty of acquiring limited-edition items, especially since most of these are sold overseas. With Headquarters (HQ), we want to bridge the gap between enthusiasts and merchandise that are relevant to their interests, by making these items more accessible to them,” said Mr. Melvin Lloyd Lim, President of Headquarters (HQ).

    Headquarters recently opened its first store at Uptown Mall in Taguig City. The store offers limited-edition toys, apparel, gadgets, novelty items, and a number of media titles for TV, film, music, and video game aficionados, among others.

    Headquarters (HQ) Daimos Shirt

    “Fans of different interests and age groups will definitely find something for them at Headquarters (HQ). We will carry official merchandise from international names, as well as rare collectibles from Japanese toy manufacturers. Our opening mix includes merchandise from Ultraman, Daimos, Mazinger Z, Lupin the Third, and Tezuka Productions such as Astro Boy and Black Jack,” Lim said.

    You can get in touch with them via social media accounts: Facebook (www.facebook.com/HQStorePH) and Instagram (@hqstoreph).

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