July 27, 2018

FACETS App Enables Technology-Art Marriage

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  • FACETS App Enables Technology-Art Marriage

    It was over the news on July 25 when we heard how the Philippines may soon be in the presence of robots through the Cal-Comp Philippines Technology (Philippines) Inc. There is no doubt that nobody truly knows when technology will reach its zenith, but with it in our midst, nothing is truly impossible in this day and age.

    With technology and science ruling every aspect of our lives, from the marriage of technology with food, transportation, and the internet, art as a landscape is never far from its reach.

    Now, Samsung Electronics Philippines supports the union of arts with technology with FACETS App, brought to the public by the Yuchengco Museum, to support the appreciation of art through an interactive experience. Aside from serving as a guide to the museum’s other galleries, the application also serves as a yellow book to master artists, and a browser for every museum pieces. FACETS also enables you to witness stock-still objects move into action!

    One of the interesting facets of the full version of the application, which is downloadable only through the lobby of the Yuchengco Museum, allows museum-goers to just place their phone or tablet right on a painting’s facade to get the most interesting details about the artwork. With FACET, it allows classical masterpieces to be immortalized, transferring from every generation with the progressing technology.

    Downloadable through the museum lobby (for its full version) and through Google Play for its basic one, the application was launched on 2014, alongside the Relative Realities: Creating New Dimensions of Art through Technology, with several artists collaborating hand-in-hand with developers to inject kinetic energy to the motionless art objects.

    FACETS is a free smartphone application for every art enthusiast to enjoy.

    This is a press release. Minor edits were made prior to publishing.
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    Featured image grabbed from PJ Cana from Twitter

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