May 14, 2019

Maestro Cortador Filipino: Carving Jamón of the Highest Quality

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    Jamón, which originated in Spain, has now become a part of Filipino tradition, often present during celebrations in some households and restaurants. In the Philippines, a business that specializes in such is Maestro Cortador Filipino.

    IMAGE Maestro Cortador Filipino

    The Maestro Cortador Filipino

    Maestro Cortador Filipino (MCF) was founded in Madrid, Spain by Mark and Michael Lopez, the first Filipinos to earn the title of Master Carver or Maestro Cortador. The two trained under Spain’s Cinco Jotas, a brand that is well-known for producing  Jamón Ibérico de bellota.

    Maestro Cortadores Mark and Michael Lopez / IMAGE Maestro Cortador Filipino

    The MCF has been offering their Jamón carving services for events since 2000 in Spain. Now they’re in the Philippines! They are experts in carving Jamón Ibérico that’s imported from Spain, specifically from the towns of Jabugo and Guijuelo. The MCF carefully selects their Jamón to ensure that these are of the highest quality.

    Their jamón is stored in their state-of-the-art storage that emulates the climate during curing. This ensures that each jamón has more months of curing while they are in storage.

    Much like the art of making sushi, carving Jamón also takes years to master. Jamón is best enjoyed when they are in paper-thin slices with a little bit of the lean and the fat as the flavor lasts longer and this way, the Jamón melts in your mouth.

    Maestro Cortador Michael Lopez carving MCF Jamón / IMAGE Maestro Cortador Filipino

    Since they began their carving services, the MCF has been a part of events that has allowed them to reach different countries. Since 2013, the MCF has been carving jamón for the Union of European Football Associations Champions League. They have also appeared alongside culinary superstars such as Jose Ramon Andres, Elena Arzak and Pedro Subijana.

    Apart from their jamón carving services, the MCF also sells high-quality jamón products.

    High-Quality Jamón

    MCF Jamón 100% Ibérico Acorn Fed (Bellota), Bone-in “PATA NEGRA”

    This Black Label Jamón Ibérico is of the highest quality. They are made from free-range pigs that are fed with acorns, making it the only pork in the market that’s good for the health. The ham is air-dried and is cured or aged for 3 years before being served. This Jamón costs Php 7,900/KG, 7-8 KG per piece.

    Slices of the Jamón Ibérico Bellota / IMAGE Maestro Cortador Filipino

    MCF Jamón 75% Ibérico Grain Fed (Cebo), Bone-in “PATA NEGRA”.

    A White Label of Jamón Ibérico that spends a minimum of 24 months in curing. Unlike the Black Label, the pigs used for this Jamón are fed with grains. This type of Jamón costs around Php 3,800/KG, 7.5-8.5 KG per piece.

    Jamón Ibérico Grain Fed (Cebo) / IMAGE Maestro Cortador Filipino

    They also carry the MCF Jamón Serrano Reserva, Bone-in, a high-quality Jamón Serrano that spends a minimum of 15 months in curing. It costs around Php 2,100/KG, 5.5 – 6.5 KG.

    Jamón Carving and Serving

    The MCF provides Jamón Carving and Serving for events such as parties, weddings, and caterings within Metro Manila. Their event services cost Php 35,000 to carve one jamón and P45,000 for two pieces of jamón.

    Maestro Cortador Michael Lopez carving at an event / IMAGE Maestro Cortador Filipino

    Do note that the price carving service differs from the price of the Jamón. If you are interested in having MCF at your events, it’s best to call them to check for their availability. Their jamón, however, is readily available for purchase, you may contact 0908-939-0499 for orders.

    If you’re looking for a place to get jamón of the highest quality or if you’re looking to party like the Spanish, look no further than Maestro Cortador Filipino.

    For more information and for purchases, you may contact the Maestro Cortador Filipino at 0908-939-0499 or email them at You may also visit their official website and official Facebook page.

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