June 15, 2017

Park N’ Fly: The Philippines’ first and only long-term parking service

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  • Park N’ Fly: The Philippines’ first and only long-term parking service

    Long-term parking facilities close to the airport used to be non-existent in the Philippines, which is essential for people who often fly out of the country. Good thing there’s Park N’ Fly, the country’s first and only parking service of its kind.

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    Park ‘N Fly is the only parking facility in the country that’s designed with air travelers in mind. It’s a 200-car parking garage where you can leave your car for days, weeks, or even months without you having to worry about the condition of your car when you get back.

    Located at the corner of MIA Road and Domestic Road, it’s situated 500 meters from the domestic terminal (NAIA Terminal 4). It’s as close as you can get to the airport without trying to secure parking space at NAIA.


    Park ‘N Fly’s multi-level car park can hold up to 200 cars. For only Php 340 (plus 12% tax) a day, you can leave your car in their parking garage, get on your flight, and not worry about what condition it will be in.

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    Their facility is covered (no need to worry about the weather) and is provided with professional security and electronic surveillance. Afraid to miss your flight? Don’t worry! Park ‘N Fly provides its customers with free 24-hour shuttle service that go to and from the airport.

    Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can take solace in the fact that your car will be taken care of even while you’re away.

    Car Repairs

    If you feel your car will be in need of repairs or simple maintenance, you can rest easy knowing that Park ‘N Fly has its own Auto Service Center. Experienced mechanics will take care of your car with their comprehensive diagnostic systems and specialized automotive equipment.

    Here’s the list of services they offer:

    • Vehicle maintenance and repairing (detailing-cleaning) packages available
    • Cut Polishing-Waxing interior shampoo
    • Engine Steam Cleaning
    • Electronic tune-up
    • Oil & filter change
    • Chassis lubrication & repairs
    • 4 wheel computerized Wheel alignment
    • Computerized-High Speed wheel balancing
    • Clutch & Brake Repairs/Maintenance
    • General Engine/Transmission Overhaul
    • Painting & Body repair services (oven-baked)

    Facilities for Travelers

    They may be all about parking, but they have not skipped on amenities that will cater to nearly every air traveler.

    Park ‘N Fly has its own Airport Café, with a variety of drinks, sandwiches, and rice meals available while you wait for your flight or your car. Not hungry? You can stay at their comfortable customer’s lounge with Wi-Fi and a TV while you wait for your flight.

    They also have their own barbershop for those who need a touch-up before they fly out. Forgot something you bought from the grocery store? Don’t fret! There’s a Foodmart at Park ‘N Fly that has everything you might need for your trip!

    Rates, Reservations, and other things you should know

    You can avail of Park ‘N Fly’s service for only Php 340 plus 12% tax for the first 24 hours. You’ll be charged a rate of Php 14.17 (plus 12% tax) for each hour after. Discounts are available for those who avail of parking for 7+ days (5%) and 30+ days (10%).

    They’ll ask you for a valid driver’s license and a valid copy of your vehicle’s official receipt and certificate of registration, or O.R./C.R.

    Reservations are not required, but you can call them for hassle-free service at 02-852-1946 to 48, 02-854-9302 to 04, or 0918-991-0000.

    While they do not impose a luggage limit for their shuttle vans, bear in mind that it is limited by what you can fit inside a Toyota Grandia.

    They also advise their customers to be at Park ‘N Fly 30 minutes before they should be at the airport. The extra 30 minutes will cover vehicle registration, a checklist, and your trip to the airport on one of their shuttle vans.


    Address: MIA Rd. cor. Domestic Rd., Pasay City, Metro Manila

    Contact Numbers: 02-852-1946 to 48, 02-854-9302 to 04, or 0918-991-0000

    Operating hours: Open 24 hours

    Website: parknfly.com.ph

    Recent Comments

    Price for four days and three nights for a suv in your facility 500 m from the domestic terminal ?? Thanks

    4 months ago

    Do they have rates for motorcycle parking?

    6 months ago

    How much will it cost if we park our car for 5days

    9 months ago

    Hi how much will cost me to park for 5 days

    9 months ago

    What is a 21 day rate?

    9 months ago

    How much it cost if I park for 5 days and 4 nights? and your shuttle will drop us at terminal 1. we are 5.

    12 months ago

    Hi! How much would it cost if we park for 14 days. We are planning to fly to Korea on September 2019 and stay for 2 weeks there ,is it possible? And can we use your shuttle to drop /pickup us in terminal. Can i have computation please?

    one year ago

    How much it will cost if we leave the car on May 29 then get it on June 2 after lunch

    one year ago


    one year ago

    Hi we will go to cebi on june 8 our flight around 11am can you please give me a quotation june 8 to 12 arriving time is 2pm thank you

    one year ago

    Hi! How much would it cost if we park by friday afternoon at 3pm then get the car by sunday at 12mn or 1am by Monday? Can i have computation please? Were flying this coming friday. Thanks!

    one year ago

    How much is 3 days?

    one year ago

    how much in 3 ?.

    2 years ago

    Is US driver license accepted as valid?

    2 years ago

    Im planning to fly to coron on 3/25/18 and stay for 3 day there ,Can I park there for 3 days and use your shuttle to drop /pickup us in terminal 3 .We are a family of 5


    2 years ago

    termjnal 3 po ako cebu pacific, pwd din po?

    2 years ago
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