June 03, 2017

Maze Furniture in Pampanga: A Classical Ornate Furniture Business

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  • Maze Furniture in Pampanga: A Classical Ornate Furniture Business

    Fantastical, elaborate, and imaginative pieces are what Maze Furniture is all about.

    One of Maze’s ornate collections./IMAGE Maze Furniture

    Based in Pampanga, Maze Furniture is a company that produces export-ready furniture and décor pieces, specializing in classical ornate furniture pieces. Their unique handcrafted furniture uses high quality materials for their custom tailor furniture items which are well-received in the Middle East, which is the company’s main market.

    Maze’s bedroom collection/IMAGE Maze Furniture

    Previously focused on weaving, Maze has since been experimenting with various materials such as terracotta, ceramics, and mainly metal for their pieces. Their eye-catching designs were influenced by cultural inspirations from Asia, Europe, and Middle East, as they produce furniture items such as home furnishings, accent pieces, mirrors lightings, and home accessories.

    Custom-tailored furniture designs./IMAGE Maze Furniture

    Maze’s furniture collection has earned them a strong following of clients abroad, making them a choice for home and lifestyle furniture services. With their classical style of home pieces, Maze Furniture helps the country fortify the local furniture scene.


    Address: 135 Magalang Road, Pulung Cacutud, Angeles City, Pampanga

    Contact: 045-626-2228

    Website: www.mazefurniture.co

    Email: info@mazefurniture.co

    *Images grabbed from Maze Furniture’s website

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