March 12, 2016


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    Because we all need heroes in our everyday life.




    It’s safe to say that the daily commuters of the Philippines are becoming modern-day heroes because of their bravery to go through the chaotic traffic in Manila. Here and there, you’ll hear people complain about traffic which has long been a perennial problem for road users, especially those who use public transport. But what if we tell you that there’s something that can help you through with public transportation?

    Biyaheroes, an internet-based booking application lets you secure bus seats online which makes people’s travel more convenient. With this help, you don’t have to waste time in long lines of buying tickets because you can already do so at the comfort of your own home.

    Routes currently offered by Biyaheroes are bus trips from Pasay to Laoag with terminal drop-offs and pick-up in Cubao and vigan via Partas bus liner. They are planning to add more local routes so that’s something worth the wait!

    To book online, you can check out or go to Partas’ official Facebook page. An additional fee of P50 for bookings worth P500 and below and 10% service charge for P500 and above are implemented as fixed rates. To confirm booking, you need to pay the total amount within the transaction’s holding period. Payments are accepted via mobile banking, over-the-counter deposit, payment centers, and through Dragonpay.

    One can book without signing up but if you do, you’ll get Biyaheroes points for incentives. With P100=1 point, you can deduce this to the total fare. You can also get perks and freebies so it’s actually a win-win situation: you get to book comfortably plus, you’ll win freebies!

    With Biyaheroes help, booking and travelling becomes hassle-free! Spread the word and promote this good news!

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    This site is easy to use and good customer service when i use their service.

    one year ago

    Sorry but your site was down its hard to book online.

    4 years ago
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