February 22, 2016

Pros and Cons of Living in the City: Makati

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    Makati City is known as the Central Business District (CBD) of Metro Manila. Almost every business in the country has their headquarters in Makati regardless of your line of business. The city is bustling: people always on the go, cars and buses dominate the streets… it’s like being in New York City or Tokyo._


    THE CBD. There are few cities in Metro Manila (much less the Philippines) that can rival Makati. (Photo credit: Biboy Martinez via Flickr)


    As the most accessible business hub of the country, it’s the go-to place for most expats. Yes, the largest government offices are mostly in Manila and Quezon City, but businesses still choose to put up their headquarters in Makati because of the infrastructures in place. It’s virtually flood-proof, public transportation is organized (most of the time), paved roads, and local government support is not hard to come by (read: little to no red tape).

    For the everyday employee, whether Filipino or expat, living (read: renting a place) in Makati has long been considered the best decision you can make. Here are some of the best reasons to make Makati your home away from home:

    1. You’ll be close to where you work. Most places that rent out their rooms, apartments, or condo units are no more than a jeepney ride away. Makati also happens to be one of the few walkable cities left in the National Capital Region, so living in Makati will also make it a lot easier for you to walk to and from work. Speaking of walking…

    2. The city is littered with underpasses, pedestrian lanes, walkways, and trees. Every corner of Ayala Ave. has an underpass to get you to the other side. There’s a walkway that almost spans the length of Dela Rosa Street, making it easier to walk one of the less pedestrian-friendly streets within the CBD. Couple that with trees and wide sidewalks, and you can almost call Makati a pedestrian’s paradise.

    3. There’s no shortage of places to hang out. Malls like Greenbelt and Glorietta are the best places to hang out. Makati Avenue is literally the place to be at night, with the trendiest clubs left and right. If you’re not the party-going type, there are places where you can just take in the sights, like Ayala Triangle Gardens or the Legaspi Active Park.

    4. Food choices a-plenty. There’s a restaurant for virtually every cuisine you can think of. If you’re on a budget, there’s a fast food restaurant or convenience at or close to every building, as well as the Jollijeeps, a food truck-esque kind of mobile food.

    5. Everything else is in the city. From government offices to the top schools, you can find everything in Makati. Banks, hospitals, churches, and everything in between can be found within the business district, if not a jeepney ride away from it.


    Does it sound like Makati is the place to live in? Well, read on, for there are thing you need to consider before taking the plunge:

    1. Immense traffic jams. Traffic jams are common in every major city, but it’s exacerbated by all the corporate headquarters in the city. It’s a great place to do business, but with so many people already living and working in Makati, traffic transitions from nuisance to problem.

    2.With so many cars, buses, and jeeps, pollution is something you have to get used to. Most people take it in stride, but for the health-conscious, some of Makati’s buildings allow you to pass through them, like the Enterprise Center.

    3. Not every street is walkable. Remember when we said Makati was almost a pedestrian’s paradise? Well, here’s the reason: not every street in the city is walkable. Take a step outside the CBD and you’ll find yourself trying to squeeze past pedestrians and vehicles on a regular basis.

    4High cost of living. A city booming with businesses carries one risk that hardly anyone looks at: almost anything you buy in Makati is more expensive compared to other cities. Corporate offices usually mean people with money to spend, prompting a raise in price.


    Makati has a fast-paced lifestyle. Living here means having to adjust to other people and how the city works. If you can keep up with the fast pace and the cons mentioned, you’ll find that Makati is one of the best places to live in.


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