December 02, 2015

Breastfeeding-Friendly Malls in the Metro

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    Being a mom with a baby is not an easy feat especially if you are right in the middle of shopping in any of Manila’s busy malls. But did you know that having a sanitary, safe and private breastfeeding area is a requirement for local establishments? This is in line with the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009 which was signed into law in 2010.

    By Kristen Wong ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

    By Kristen Wong via Wikimedia Commons

    In this post, we outline some of the country’s best breastfeeding areas in malls.

    Greenbelt 5 Family Lounge – located at the 4th floor of Greenbelt 5, the Family Lounge is a private area where parents can leave their kids with their nannies while they shop. The lounge also contains a business area, a bookshelf for reading enthusiasts, restroom with changing table plus a computer area with free Wifi. However, access to the Family Lounge requires a BPI Amore card or VIPinoy. But, if you are a nursing mom, you can use the area for free.

    Glorietta Family Lounge – the nursing area in Glorietta is located at the third floor of Glorietta 4, near the Food Court. Aside from the nursing area, the lounge also has a shower area and the male and female restrooms. Roomy and bright, the nursing room has a cushioned arm chair, a stool and an electrical charging area.

    SM Mall of Asia – A well-equipped and clean nursing area located in the 2nd floor of the Southside area of the Entertainment Mall is available for mall-going moms. The nursing room contains a sink, a changing table, electrical outlets and cushioned seats.

    Market Market – Also inside the Family Lounge of the 2nd floor, Market Market’s Breastfeeding area also contains the same amenities of the Family Lounge. Access is also exclusive to Amore and VIPinoy card holders, but free for nursing mothers.  


    Article by Melanie M. Suzon

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