October 06, 2015

JACINTO & LIRIO: Stylishness that Saves

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    Who would have thought that water hyacinths, those water lilies that abound in and often clog up waterways and create breeding grounds for mosquitoes, can actually be useful? We mean useful in a sustainable and productive way that it can in fact be turned into a serious enterprise.

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    Indeed, it takes a creative mind, a social and environmental awareness, and an enterprising spirit to see this possibility.

    Thankfully, EcoIngenuity Inc. has these in its DNA and its passion to build a business that has a positive environmental, social, and economic impact led to the creation of the brand JACINTO & LIRIO (Spanish for hyacinth and lily).

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    Jacinto & Lirio showcases the Filipino innovation of plant leather into fashionable and functional statement bags and accessories through sustainable means. This social enterprise aims to raise the competitiveness of indigenous materials and the communities that produce them using global design brands.

    From world-class quality and trendy bags, planners, refillable journals, mobile phone pouches, laptop bags, tablet covers, to corporate giveaways and more, Jacinto & Lirio ensures that each eco-friendly piece is crafted with premium quality. In fact, it has been commissioned to create and provide the conference folders to be used in the upcoming APEC 2015 meeting to be hosted by the Philippines.

    Every purchased item at Jacinto & Lirio helps in promoting local indigenous materials, protecting the rivers, fostering Filipino ingenuity, and empowering some local communities by providing them with a sustainable means of livelihood.

    Jacinto & Lirio is a business with a heart that knows how to serve and create, and it does so in an imaginative and impressive way.

    Click here for complete list of branches.

    Phone: +(639)22-8234599; +(632) 4144400

    Email: corporatesales@jacintoandlirio.com, retailsales@jacintoandlirio.com

    Website: www.jacintoandlirio.happy.ph

    Facebook: Jacinto & Lirio

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