May 06, 2015

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    Plan. Solve. Escape. Or be trapped forever. At Breakout Philippines, what happens to your story is entirely up to you.

    Have you ever caught yourself shouting at the screen while watching a suspense movie because the characters are taking so long to figure out a mystery that you’ve already solved? It was probably easy for you since as an audience member, you were shown everything that was going on in the movie, but you might think differently when you’re the one who’s in the thick of things. And putting you in the thick of things is exactly what Breakout Philippines does.



    Breakout Philippines’ registration/photo area. Participants can hold up signs when they have their photos taken depending on the result of their experience.


    This real-life escape room game located at the ground floor of Paragon Plaza in Mandaluyong City might seem like just a quirky establishment beside an unassuming cafeteria, but be warned: This place has what it takes to get your mind aching, adrenaline pumping, and friendships hanging in the balance.

    Upon entering one of Breakout’s rooms, a group has 45 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. It may sound simple, but there are many clues that are laid out for misdirection. You might think that you’ve found the item that’s exactly what you need, but then another member of your group comes up with something that looks equally, if not more important. The rooms test not only your analyzing skills, but leadership and social skills as well. And there are dim lights and creepy music that are immersive as they are distracting.


    Everything you’ll need to solve the puzzles is provided, jumpsuits, among other things.


    There’s a marshal in the room to give your group a “lifeline”, which is a clue that makes the puzzles a lot easier, but participants are actually discouraged to use this as it can take you out of the experience of being in your very own suspense movie.

    Breakout’s goal is to make the activity as realistic as possible, which is why the rooms aren’t just filled with random clues and riddles. Each room has a story behind it and the participants are deliberately part of the story. So puzzles aren’t the only things you need to solve, but also an overall mystery that will most likely still haunt you even after you’ve escaped, or worse, failed to.


    The three most popular rooms of Breakout at the moment.

    The rooms have different difficulty levels, so you can choose an “easy” one if you just want to try it out. For first timers, Breakout recommends Room 13, which is set at an old motel in the middle of nowhere. This room has the lowest difficulty level and so is a great way to introduce people to the concept, even those who are reluctant to try it.

    The price per person ranges from P400 to P600, depending on the number of participants. There is no age restriction and a group can have as many as eight members.

    For more detailed descriptions of the rooms, information on game mechanics and how to register, please visit their website or Facebook page.


    Paragon Plaza Ground floor Reliance St., corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550


    Photos and article by Ida Irigo

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