June 13, 2017

Michelin-starred restaurants in Manila that won our hearts

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  • Gifts from God and golden tickets to great dishes, Michelin-starred restaurants have reached the Philippines — mainly in Manila. They have not only won our hearts but let us experience what Michelin-starred chef’s dishes tastes like.

    How a restaurant or chef gets Michelin stars you ask? The first step is that Michelin inspector collects data, adding best-reviewed restaurants. Soon they’ll scout to dine there. If it passes their standards, an internal memo to the inspectors will most likely be visited again the following year, and potentially awarded a star.

    Here are the rating system:

    ★ One Star means the restaurant is very good restaurant and offers a high standard cuisine.

    ★★ Two Stars mean the restaurant has created dishes with  a outstanding quality.

    ★★★ Three Stars mean the restaurant exceeds expectations and that the dining experience are outstanding.

    If haven’t tried or dined yet with any Michelin-starred restaurants, we got you covered.

    Tim Ho Wan 

    Tim Ho Wan’s famous Pork Bun

    Tim Ho Wan is called the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant that’s famous for their dim sum and baked pork bun. Born in the kitchens of Hong Kong, Tim Ho Wan has over 45 branches all over Asia, Australia and United States. In the Philippines there are over five branches to go to when you’re craving for their pillow like pork buns or if you haven’t tried it yet.

    Address: Ground Floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center
    Tel. No.: 02-729-9367
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/TimHoWanPH

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    Din Tai Fung 

    A world-renowned restaurant, famous for being a “xiao long bao heaven,” Din Tai Fung originated in Taiwan in the 1950s. It eventually branched out in several countries, such as in US, Australia and all through Asia. The main star is its xiao long bao, which is still their best-seller in all their restaurants. A soup dumpling that packs a flavor and has the element of surprise with each slurp.

    Address: Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
    Tel. No.: 02-99- 1935 or 02-997-1936
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/dintaifungph

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    FOO’D by Davide Oldani

    Foo’d at Shangri-La The Fort, Bonifacio Global City, brings exciting flavors made Chef Davide Oldani known to the culinary world. He began apprenticing under renowned Chef Alain Ducasse, pastry chef Pierre Hermés, and Michel Roux Jr., Oldani. He is known for his Cucina Pop Style, elevating flavors into simple but surprising dishes dishes with Italian cuisine. In Foo’d, you will be able to try out “luxury food priced affordably.”

    Address: G/F (High Street Park), Shangri-La at The Fort, 30th St. cor. 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
    Mobile No.: 0917-711-4469
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/FOODbyDOManila

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    When you think these are the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Manila, you are wrong. This July another Michelin-starred restaurant will open here in Manila. The first Michelin-starred ramen shop Tsuta and Hawker Chan, will be open to the public in July this year. From the mind of Chef Chan Hong Meng, Hawker Chan gained their Michelin star for their Cantonese-Style Soya Chicken. Their chicken is to be sold at Php 99 in Manila.

    Recent Comments

    “The star is awarded for the food that we’ve eaten during the course of the year at that restaurant. The star is for the food. We don’t say that it belongs to the chef or to the restaurant. It’s for the quality of the cooking that we’ve had in that year.”

    – quoted from a Senior Inspector from Michelin (Michelin Stars The Madness of Perfection)

    3 years ago

    Let’s go back to the history of Michelin Guide. The two Michelin brothers, Andrè and Edouard, were mainly travelers using their motorbikes and they were not chefs but engineer and artist. During their travels, they stopped to restaurants to eat ofcourse then after several years the Red Book (Michelin Guide) was born. That book listed the restaurants that were worthwhile to visit according to food, quality, and service. Then, after ten years, I think around 1930s, the one to three stars ratings from Michelin was introduced. Therefore, the Michelin-star was actually awarded to the RESTAURANT and not the chef.

    Therefore, the chef can get a credit because he has or he is working in a Michelin-star restaurant but he can never bring that star to another branch.

    3 years ago

    You all need to know what you are talking of before going out with info . The stars are awarded, only by Michelin, to a restaurant. The glory is of course the chef. However it is the restaurant that holds the star. If, if the owner, chef and restaurant is one, yes the chef has the stars, Like Gordon, Ducasse, etc etc.

    3 years ago

    To the person who said there are no Michelin rated restaurants in Manila nor the entire Philippines and no Michelin Rated Chefs anywhere in the world, YOU ARE CORRECT!

    To the person who objected to this you are the one who should research! Michelin star(s) are being awarded to the restaurant not to Chef! But Chef can be credited by saying he/she is working in a Michelin Star Restaurants but he/she cannot carry that merit if he/she moves to a Non Michelin Star Restaurant.

    4 years ago

    Michelin star is given to chefs and restaurants, when they pass the Michelin Guide…
    Marco Pierre White is the youngest Chef to take 3 of those stars

    4 years ago

    How did you miss 210 Degrees PH. They got Chef William Mahi who is also a Michelin rated Chef. Michelin star brouhaha aside, his food is excellent and the service is amazing

    4 years ago

    To the person who said there are no Michelin rated chefs, you are mistaken. Alex Atala, Ferran and Albert Adria, Thomas Keller, Magnus Nilsson and Gaggan are some of the more widely known chefs. Please research before saying something.

    4 years ago

    Great article and straight to the point. But surprisingly, these Michelin-Starred restaurants ( Tim Ho Wan & Din Tai Fung ) are overrated. Been there twice, for each restaurant ( another shot ) but still nothing special, food? they just taste normal. Maybe I did not brush my teeth well or drink too much coffee before I eat.

    4 years ago

    Great read. Michelin stars are given to high quality restaurants and talented chefs who earned it. There are a lot of Michelin rated chefs around the world. Gordon Ramsay is a Michelin star chef that is known around the world. Research before commenting.

    4 years ago

    There are no Michelin rated restaurants in Manila, or anywhere in the Philippines. There are no Michelin rated chefs anywhere in the world.

    4 years ago
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