July 22, 2018

UNIQLO Always In the Trend With the Weather

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  • Has the weather gotten you down? Do not let it stop you from going out and braving any day with their line of weatherproof parkas that are not only stylish but also functional.

    Pocketable Parka

    Roll out UNIQLO’s Pocketable Parka from its pouch to wear on a rainy day! While inside the pouch, the parka is lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, the material is durable and water repellent, making it ideal for our unpredictable weather.

    Reversible Parka

    Get stylish with UNIQLO’s reversible parka. You can choose to wear the waterproof design or get cozy indoors with the cotton design — all in one hoodie! The design has pockets on both sides meaning secret inside pockets for you.

    Blocktech Parka

    Stylish and designed for any weather condition, the high-performance Blocktech Parka is another innovation from UNIQLO. It’s great for those days when your umbrella can’t hold back the wind and rain. Brave any day with its windproof and waterproof fabric, stretchable material, and water-tight zippers and adjustable cuffs.

    You can also get UNIQLO’s Heatech and Airism items to brave any day. In their campaign, UNIQLO is set out to deliver form and function providing the Philippines with pieces that are designed for a variety of occasions and weather conditions — be it for travel, work, or leisure.

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    Do you have your favorite UNIQLO weatherproof products? Tell us in the comments below!

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