June 07, 2017

Cruelty-free make-up and beauty brands available in Manila

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  • It was during the 90’s when trend of cruelty-free make-up and beauty products began. Now, only a few people are aware of what cruelty-free truly means. Some of us might have already seen some campaign against animal testing from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and more organizations who would like to spread awareness regarding the different products we use. As every day, millions of animals are being tested just to get the perfect formula and consistency to produce make-up all over in the world. In Manila, we have started to create natural and organic beauty products at the same time promoting local ingredients and locally made.

    We’ve listed brands of some make-up and beauty brands that are available in Manila for everyone who wants to accept the commitment of going cruelty-free.

    1. Human Nature 

    IMAGE Human Heart Nature’s Facebook page

    Converting to cruelty-free doesn’t mean you’ll switch to dull bar soaps and creams, it also mean going natural. Ingredients such as real fruits and vegetables won’t harm your skin. This brand promotes is eco-friendly and doesn’t use harm chemicals. Try their Human Nature’s strawberry face scrub (P99.75) is made from real strawberry seeds, leaving you refreshed and feeling clean. Human Heart Nature goes well on any skin type not only for Asians.

    Website: www.humanheartnature.com

    2. The Body Shop

    IMAGE The Body Shop Philippines Facebook page

    The Body Shop have been promoting and raising awareness through campaigns against animal cruelty. In which they’re products are 100% cruelty free. Most of their products are anti-oxidant and gentle for the skin. Other than creams, body wash, they also have make-ups for all types of skin. If you’re looking for creams for bath and for dry skin check out Body Shop’s almond milk and honey bath (P995) is something you’ll want after a long tiring day at work or perhaps an addition to your daily rituals.

    Website: www.thebodyshop.com

    3. LUSH

    IMAGE Lush Philippines Facebook page

    Scrubbing your lips with Lush’s chocolate lip scrub (P495) sound sweet to those who loves chocolate. Especially, when it fixes and prevents dry lips on a sunny day. At Lush, they offer a wide array of bath bombs to all natural soaps. Imagine having the scent of their stores inside your bathroom when you purchase their perfumes and lotions. Lately, they have been trending for the charcoal toothpaste that will make your teeth white as pearls.

    Website: www.lush.com

    4. E.l.f.

    IMAGE E.l.f. Cosmetics Philippines Facebook page

    Elf Cosmetics is a famous drugstore brand that everyone appreciates. Aside from being cruelty free, this brand is also budget friendly and mild for any ladies. Just like their two way cake foundation (P250) that you could use whether wet or dry, their powder foundation covers blemishes at the same time protect your skin from the sun. With SPF 15, it also combats premature aging. It’s sheer texture glides well on your skin with natural look. The brand caters different make-up products such as brushes for all uses.

    Website: www.elfcosmetics.com

    5. Pink Sugar

    IMAGE Pink Sugar Cosmetics Facebook page

    Each product of Pink Sugar is cruelty and paraben free, they use ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea and ginseng. Other than being a homegrown brand, pink sugar is natural and their make up is suited for every Filipina. Their lipsticks blends well for any skin tone just like their Sweet as Sugar lipsticks (P499) and there are different variety to choose from crayons to tints.

    Website: www.pinksugar.com.ph

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