August 04, 2017

Leyende: The Story of Skin

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  • A legend is emerging: Filipino brand Leyende offers natural and organic head-to-toe products.

    From the Spanish word leyenda, meaning “legend” or “story,” Leyende depicts the literary background of the founder, taking characters and titles of different stories within music, books, films, plays and playing it around to create names for their products.

    Leyende’s idea is quirky and quite unique indeed. They also assure each customer that each of their products does not contain harmful chemicals.  Some of them are sulfates, petroleum, GMOs or human or animal by-products. They attest that their products are certified cruelty free.

    Established in 2000, they dedicated to develop and produce high quality natural and organic products by using raw ingredients from both local and overseas ECOCERT-accredited farms and companies. Try their, facial, bath and body products that follow eco-friendly, artisanal principles.

    Price is Php 450

    Since 2008, They have been dedicated to producing and developing high quality, sulphate-free natural and organic products with raw ingredients from local and overseas. The brand has gone far as they also are a supplier for some boutiques in Malaysia and spas in Nigeria.

    In 2014, they joined Oledea Oils of the Orient Inc., a corporation that manages various labels.  Leyende is part of its specialty brands for export in Dubai, Australia, UK, and the USA, supplying to hotels around the world. Their goal is to produce and sell eco-friendly sulfate-free and vegan products in the Philippines. 


    Price is Php 450

    Worker and crafters are in a pioneered training and employment program based on its advocacy for women empowerment. They believe that employing these determined women helps them give back to the community. Not only are they promoting natural and organic products but also ensure work opportunity for everyone.

    You can shop and buy their products through Beauty MNL or through their website, Follow their Facebook page for information about the brand.

    Images source: Leyende Facebook page

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