November 05, 2018

Miss Mia Massage: Bringing You The Ideal Spa and Massage Treatment

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  • Body aches, tightening of the muscles, and body spasms are just some of the excruciating problems that we carry and acquire as we grow older.

    Hence, it’s important to keep in mind the things we should do to keep our body healthy in the long run, such as keeping a balanced diet and exercising. Aside from the usual remedies, one of the best ways to keep our body healthy is through spa treatments.

    Aromatherapy (Php 550/1.5 hours)

    Miss Mia Massage is a spa treatment company that is comprised of masseuses and therapy experts, ensuring you get the best possible services for your relaxation wherever or whenever you desire. Miss Mia Massage specializes in Swedish massage, Thai massage, aromatherapy, ventosa, hot stone treatment, body massages, and ear candling.

    Their Swedish (Php 300/hour or Php600/2 hours) and Thai massages (Php 300/hour or Php 600/2 hours) are definitely among the bests, so be sure to try it out!

    Swedish massage (Php 300/hour or Php600/2 hours)

    Thai massage (Php 300/hour or Php 600/2 hours)

    Miss Mia Massage also suggests their ventosa treatment (Php 450), which is the best one to try out. The ventosa treatment includes the custom-made mini glass jars that are evenly placed on the customer’s back. There are tissues that will be coiled and doused with a special alcohol rub, which will be then lit up before placing the glass jars.

    This treatment is said to effectively suck up and remove muscle strains from the body.

    Ventosa (Php 550/1.5 hours)

    The best part? You can get a free body scrub and ear candling for every two-hour massage you avail!

    Body scrub (Free)

    Ear candling (free for every 2-hour massage) 

    Another suggested treatment by Miss Mia Massage is the special hot stone treatment (Php 550). The special hot stone treatment’s unique purpose is to press the vital points of the patient’s body in order to ease the muscle tissues from strains, stress, pain, and among others.

    The stones are pre-heated to a temperature that is suited to the body before being gently and proportionally placed on the customer’s back.

    Hot Stone Treatment (Php550/1.5 hours)

    Miss Mia Massage’s service prices are as follows:

    • Swedish massage (Php 300/hour or Php 600/2 hours)
    • Thai massage (Php 300/hour or Php 600/2 hours)
    • Aromatherapy (Php 550/1.5 hours)
    • Ventosa (Php 550/1.5 hours)
    • Hot stone treatment (Php 550/1.5 hours)

    Experience the best home relaxation right at your doorstep when you avail of Miss Mia Massage’s spa treatments!

    For inquiries, contact Miss Mia Massage at 0927-394-6203, 0999-534-5304, or 0942-667-4037. You may also visit their official Facebook page, or book through their website

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