April 18, 2017

El Nido Resorts: Bringing in a luxurious holiday experience in Palawan

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  • El Nido Resorts: Bringing in a luxurious holiday experience in Palawan
  • A group of 4 island resorts in El Nido and Taytay in Palawan, El Nido offers a luxurious holiday experience to its guests. It takes pride in bringing in genuine, local hospitality to make the guests’ experiences one that’s unique, something they will remember while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the area.

    Each of the four island resorts is different as they vary depending on the kind of sights it offers, and the activities one can do while in it.

    Apulit, located in Taytay Bay, North-east of Palawan, is an Eco-Adventure island resort as it offers exciting activities for the thrill-seeking travellers. Some of the activities this resort feature is the climb and rappel down a 60-meter limestone cliff, the dive to discover marine species and a Japanese shipwreck, and the spelunking and island-hopping adventure in the neighboring islands.  Guests may choose from the Water Cottages and Loft Water Cottages which give them a spectacular view and/or a direct access to the sea.

    Known as an Eco-Discovery island resort is Miniloc. It offers people a vibe of a Filipino coastal village with its native design. Guests who enjoy their stay here also get to enjoy and discover the attractions around Bacuit Bay – including the Big and Small Lagoons and Snake Island. They may also swim and see a wide variety of marine species at its reef. Miniloc has 50 rooms guests may choose from, all thatched-roof and furnished with local materials. All rooms also have a private veranda from where they get to have a view of the waters.

    Lagen is an Eco-Sanctuary Island as it’s a place where people get to be completely one with nature. It is located between a forest and a lagoon, which serves as a sanctuary for a variety of birds and mammals. Guests get to hike in the island’s forest trails, giving them one of the most spectacular views of the coves on the other side of the island. Evoking luxury and charm, the 50 rooms in the resort vary from Forest Rooms, Forest Suites, Water Cottages, and Beachfront Cottages.

    Pangulasian is the Eco-Luxury Island Resort in Bacuit Bay, El Nido. It boasts of a view of the pristine beach and a backdrop of the tropical forest. Because of its unrivalled view of the sunrise and sunset, it is tagged as the “Island of the Sun.” Guests of Pangulasian are treated with luxurious services and amenities.  It also features 42 deluxe accommodations that vary from Canopy Villas, Beach Villas, and Pool Villas, all of which has a private balcony.



    Tel: 02-902-5934; 02-902-5951

    Email: holiday@elnidoresorts.com

    Website: elnidoresorts.com

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