July 23, 2016

Palawan’s Luxury Paradise: Huma Island Resort and Spa

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    The great island of Palawan


    If you’ve always wanted the best vacation you can get without having to go out of the country, this is our suggestion: travel to Huma Island Resort and Spa in Palawan.



    Sunbathe and love the view it gives you


    Huma Island Resort and Spa is a famous resort located at a tropical paradise in Palawan, Philippines. This exclusive resort is known for its scenic island beauty, one you will truly want to spend your vacation with for a magnificent hideaway from the metro. Blessed with an abundant marine life and beautiful sceneries, Huma Island Resort and Spa is totally the place to go for a luxurious vacation.




    Be amazed at the beauty of this island


    This private island resort has various upscale amenities such as the 81 contemporary over-water and beach villas, over-water spa complex, restaurants, bars, and leisure facilities. All these amenities that they have will surely make your stay more enjoyable. Furthermore, their water adventure activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and island hopping must not be missed if you want to get the best of your time in your island trip.

    Since it’s located at an island, it’s really the perfect destination to spend some quiet time with your loved one for a romantic getaway. Calm your senses as you admire the deep blue seas while you get the spa time you deserve at your stay. This island will definitely give you a luxurious and well-deserved break as you stay at the Huma Island Resort and Spa.




    Want to dine in or reflect during this peaceful time? You can always do so!


    To get to Huma Island Resort and Spa, you can fly directly from Manila Bay to the resort for 1 hour and 20 minutes via private sea plane. If you’re going via commercial flights, you can book a flight from Manila to Busuanga, Palawan and travel 1.5 hours by land to Sagrada Port than a 30-minute boat ride to the resort.

    Explore this wonderful resort in Palawan and have the most memorable vacation you’ll ever have at Huma Island Resort and Spa!

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