July 12, 2016

Smith Coral Garden

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  • After the tour in Kayangan, the second spot in the island tour was the Smith Coral Garden. Just 10-15 minutes away from the Kayangan Lake, the tour guides will let you swim and explore the corals underwater. The undersea will make you feel like you are in a world of corals, as its beautiful structures will make you love the spot more. For 15-20 minutes, you may swim in the middle of the sea to explore stunning corals you have never seen before. Make sure to wear your snorkeling gears so you would have a better experience.



    Smith Coral Garden, a haven of stunning corals



    Float away! Swim through the sea and love the underwater even more


    What makes Smith Coral Garden a great place to see is that you do not need to be a diver to see the beauty of the corals underneath. You just need to wear your gears so you can still enjoy the view of the colorful soft corals without compromising your safety. It’s advisable to wear aqua shoes as there may be creatures like sea urchins that you may not be able to see as you go around for a swim. It is the best place to bring your underwater camera too, so you can take photographs of the vibrant corals you will encounter when in Smith Coral Garden.

    Want to explore more of the underwater? Let Smith Coral Garden be part of your itinerary!

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