April 29, 2016

Ambuklao Dam

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  • From being just a simple hydroelectric facility, Ambuklao Dam is now considered a tourist attraction in Bokod, Benguet.


    ambuklao dam

    (Photo by Robert Casaclang Jr. via Flickr)


    Constructed in the 1950s, Ambuklao Dam was primarily built to provide energy to the Luzon grid. It was then the largest and highest dam in East Asia, which also serves as a flood control structure. The dam also holds the water used for the irrigation fields in Pangasinan. This engineering feat has done a lot of improvements for being a power plant but now, it is becoming so much more than that.



    (Photo by user iammyk, grabbed from Flickr)


    Aside from being a dam, Ambuklao is now considered a sight to see in Benguet. Local and tourists began to see this sight as a touristattraction for a picnic site. With Benguet’s pine trees, it has become a haven for picnic lovers while doing some outdoor activities in the area. Here, tourists can do boating as it’s the locals’ primary means of transportation there. Swimming or snorkeling is prohibited though, but Ambuklao has provided a view deck where you can take great photos of the scenery.

    Ambuklao is a great place to go as a side trip as it can make you feel relaxed on your vacation. Here, you’ll see a perfect spot for soul-searching as you are surrounded by nature’s beauty – cloudy skies, mountains, and beautiful lakes. Cross the hanging bridge if you want to put some adventure during your trip.

    From Baguio City, you need to take the road that goes to Pacdal Circle then exit at Pacdal Road. Drive through Ambuklao Road, then when you reach the bridge which separates Ambuklao and Bokod, take the Ambuklao Road. Then, the road will loop to the Ambuklao Spillway. Estimated time from Baguio to Ambuklao would be 1.5 hours.

    As Ambuklao Dam readies itself to become an ecotourism spot, more tourists have come to see and explore the place. Visit this great place up North!

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