June 20, 2015

Club Punta Fuego

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    With a name taken from the words meaning “flame” and “cape”, Club Punta Fuego is appropriately named considering its location near the tip of the peninsula, thecape, like a torch, the life of a party in a protruding landmass to the Nasugbu Bay. Boasting of world-class accommodations, they are the go-to for hasty family trips and beach getaways over the weekend.


    YACHT IT COMING. Majestic yachts for the seafarers.


    KID’S PLAY. The adults are not the only one who can have fun.

    Members of the club are granted exclusive rights to the amenities of the resort. The swimming pools, golf course, tennis court, squash court, game hall, gym and locker rooms are free to use. Discounts are given to the facilities and services of the Punta Fuego Yacht Club such as 30% discount on room rates, 20% discount on food and beverages through cash payments and 15% discount on food and beverages charged to the Membership Account. There are also discounts on the use of recreational facilities and spa services. Members are also encouraged to bring their friends as guests, with their entrance waived.


    SWINGIN’. Try a hand in golf to pass the time.

    lower beach_res

    Sweet ride on the water.


    SUPERB. Cozy lounges to dine in.


    Plush beds for tired guests.

    Club Punta Fuego offers the Sunset Beach and Crescent Beach, which are, just like what their respective names suggest, are perfect for capturing breathtaking views of the resort with a trusty camera. The appeal of the place is timeless, with outstanding views of the bay spread to one side. The place is equipped on all places, rivaling that of the best hotels in the world. It is impossible to not feel the luxurious calm the place has to offer with one having a view of the beautiful sunset, soaking in the pool. With its private yacht and five-star lodges, Club Punta Fuego is the embodiment of “paradise.”

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