June 19, 2015

Mt. Batulao

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  • Nasugbu seems to have all the good things. If one is not in the mood for a refined afternoon of golfing, sunbathing or swimming, one can play a dirty game: Mt. Batulao is the challenge you are looking for.


    IN ALL GRANDEUR. Mt. Batulao in the morning


    Reaching the peak of Mt. Batulao is no easy task. It has trekking courses ranging from beginner treks to the most advanced. You get to choose what to hike or climb – whatever floats your mountain gear. What awaits at the top is a good, clean break from the traffic and pollution of Manila. Add to that unfamiliar cool climate and the sharp twists and turns of the trails that makes the climbing take a toll on one’s body, and adds to the excitement.

    For a trekking tour to Mt. Batulao, contact Trail Adventours, a mountain tour company based in Parañaque. One may register on their site and participate in a package tour. Inclusive of the tour is the commute option from Manila to Nasugbu. At a price of P1,600 per person, it already covers the commute fee, the local guide and the arrangement fee of the coordinator. Since the registration is done online, it makes the transaction easier and faster. If one has a change of heart in the middle of a vacation spree, one can automatically subscribe to the site for mountain climbing.


    UP WE GO. When trekking Mt. Batulao, be mindful of a handful of things.


    Don’t forget to remind the organizers for any health ailments they should be aware of. Also, there is a big difference between a mountain climb and a walk in the park. Pay special attention to the weather before going up. Always keep the feet dry. There are no available stops for comfort rooms so it’s better to relieve oneself before the climb. From the ascent to the descent, it takes approximately seven to eight hours.


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    SIGHTS OF GLORY. Go sightseeing while trekking and take glorious pictures during the sunset.

    It is never too late to conquer a mountain. It is never too late to conquer Mt. Batulao.



    Contact Information for Trail Adventours:


    2311, LapuLapu, Parañaque, Kalakhang Maynila


    (632) 697-9711


    Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM






    Google Map:
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