February 11, 2015

Making the Most Out of Samar Province

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  • The province of Samar is located in the Eastern Visayas region. Going there takes an hour by plane and at least ten hours by land. It may be a little far, but the distance is what makes it a largely-unexplored paradise.


    Rock formations at Marabut

    Samar is the picture of rural bliss. It has scenic mountains, peaceful countryside, and warm, hospitable people. A good first stop would be Basey, a town famous for its colorful, highly-prized mats. The womenfolk weave them by hand, and you can buy them in many intricate designs and colors. Don’t forget to pass by the seaside municipality of Marabut, where you’ll find magnificent, hulking rock formations that can rival the ones in Phuket, Thailand on a good day. You can also stop by at the Golden River, so-named because of the golden color cast on the water during sunsets.


    Sohoton Caves

    For thrill seekers, spelunking at Sohoton Caves is the perfect activity. The caves have four chambers that take an hour at most to explore. Inside you’ll find wide, echoing chambers and interesting shapes of stalagmites and stalactites. You can also go to Ulot River, known for its strong rapids, and try the exhilarating torpedo boat ride.


    Torpedo boat ride at Ulot River

    If you want to explore food and culture, head to the capital city, Catbalogan, where beautiful old homes and contemporary comforts meet. Samar has own unique and delicate culinary traditions. The tamalos, a pork dish stewed in a rich spicy peanut sauce, is a must-try. The local pastries such as buttery corioso biscuits and torta cake are also excellent.

    Samar Province has so much to offer, especially for adventurous people who like being close to pristine nature. Expect your trip to turn out wild and full of rich experiences.

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