March 12, 2018

A Guide to PHLPost Services

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  • With a history that dates back centuries, the Philippine postal system, officially named as the Philippine Postal Corporation and now widely known as PHLPost, remains to be the go-to parcel delivery service for many people in the Philippines. Despite the digital age we are in, PHLPost is the best thing that people, especially those in rural areas, can turn to for sending and receiving mail, packages, and important documents.

    Here’s what you need to know if you need to send or receive items through the Philippine postal system.

    Image may contain: sky, night and outdoorManila Central Post Office is one of the oldest buildings in Manila. /IMAGE Rodrigo Tanabe Layug

    Services offered

    PHLPost provides various mail services that include the following:

    1. Express Post

    Express Post lets you send time-sensitive items, urgent documents, and goods in the fastest possible time to international and domestic locations. Mail and parcel can be delivered the next day for domestic locations

    2. Letter Post

    Letters and postcards weighing not more than 2 kilograms can be classified as Ordinary (charged basic postage and delivered through regular channels), Priority (next-day delivery in Metro Manila and select cities and towns), or Registered (accorded mail security). Letter Post also includes M-Bags (books and other printed materials) and Small Packets.

    3. Parcel Post 

    Available nationwide, Parcel Post lets you send non-perishable food and goods to international and domestic locations. You may opt for the fastest (Air Parcel), the cheapest (Surface Parcel), or the safest (Insured Parcel).

    4. Direct Mail (for corporate advertising)

    5. Collect-on-Delivery Service

    6. Fax Mail Service

    7. Business Reply Envelopes/Business Reply Cards

    8. Address Check Service

    9. General Delivery Service

    10. Proof of Delivery (for corporate)

    11. International Reply

    Tracking and claiming

    In 2015, PHLPost launched its Domestic Mail Tracking System, which lets you track your item real-time at You can also check in the tracking system whether your mail/parcel from overseas has arrived at your designated local post office.

    In a blog post on Michi Photostory, it was suggested that, in case you experience a delay in delivery and see that your parcel has arrived or is “en route to the delivery office,” you can visit the post office so you can check and claim your delivery immediately. Be sure to bring a valid ID and printed copy of the tracking status from the PHLPost website. If your mail or parcel is delivered from overseas, you will be charged a postal handling fee of Php 112 upon claiming.

    Postal rates

    As of 2016, PHLPost released updated postage rates for domestic and international mail and parcel. The updated matrix also includes rates of other services, such as Collect-on-Delivery, Money Order, Registry Return Receipt/Card, and more. To view the full information, check PHLPost’s circular, Updated Matrix of Postage Rates and Prices of Postal Products and Services.

    Sources: PHLPost, Michi Photostory

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