May 17, 2017

Anti-Distracted Driving Act: What you need to know about RA 10913

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  • The Anti-Distracted Driving Act goes live today, May 18, and people on the internet are already asking a truckload of questions about the law.

    CAN’T DO THIS. Unless you’ve pulled up on the side of the road or you haven’t started driving, doing this is a big no-no.

    There was a lot of confusion about parts of the law (when can we use gadgets while driving, where should it be placed, who are covered, etc.) when it was announced that it would take effect starting today, so the Department of Transportation (DOTr) saw it fit to have a press conference earlier today answering almost all known queries about Republic Act (RA) 10913.

    They later posted an FAQ about the act, which we will try to explain here. Let’s start with the basics:

    What is RA 10913?

    • RA 10913, also known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, is a new law that prohibits anyone behind the wheel of a motor vehicle from using their phone, radio, and other electronic gadgets while on the road, either moving or stopped at a traffic light or intersection. This means no phone calls, texting, playing games, watching movies, doing math, reading e-books, composing messages (for email or Messenger), and surfing or browsing the internet.

    What vehicles are covered by the act?

    • It covers ALL public and private vehicles, wheeled agricultural machines (tractors, loaders, etc.), construction equipment, and other vehicles such as bikes, pedicabs, trolleys, habal-habal (motorcycle-for-hire), kuliglig (tricycle-for-hire), wagons, carriages, and carts that may be human- or animal-powered. Basically, if it’s on the road and you’re using it, it’s covered (apart from skateboards or feet).

    Are there exemptions?

    • Fortunately, yes. You can use your phones while driving to make or take emergency calls to authorities in cases of a crime, accidents, bomb or terrorist threat, fire or explosion, instances needing immediate medical attention, or when personal safety and security is compromised. In short, if you’re not going to die from missing that call, text, or email, then don’t take it.

    But I need my smartphone to keep in touch and navigate! Any workarounds?

    • Yes, there are. If you take or make calls often, then go hands-free. That means earphones when you need to make or take a call (no listening to music!). If you’re an Uber or Grab driver, or someone who relies on things like Waze or Google Maps A LOT, just make sure you set your start and end points before you start driving.

    ALLOWED PLACES. Also, make sure your phone is placed in these places or in an area that does not block your line of sight. Simply put, if it doesn’t block your view of the road, you’re good./IMAGE DOTr

    • If you change your mind mid-way or need an alternate route but don’t know where, pull up to the side of the road, find an alternate route, put it in, and go.

    What about my dashcam?

    • Dashcams are A-Ok, as long as you place them where they should be placed, ideally behind the rearview mirror (which is where they should be placed anyway). If that’s a bit uncomfortable for you, just make sure it’s not blocking your view in any way, shape, or form.

    GOT A DASHCAM? Here’s where it should (ideally) be placed. If that’s no good, just make sure it does not obstruct your line of sight./IMAGE DOTr

    What if I’m stopped by an enforcer for something I know I didn’t do? Can I take out my phone and take a video of the enforcer?

    • Yes, but only after you’ve been pulled to the side of the road, which is a part of their standard operating procedure.

    If I have any questions about the act, who should I talk to?

    • The DOTr – Land Transportation Office (LTO) is the leading implementing agency for this act. If you have any questions, kindly direct it to them or to the DOTr via their Facebook page, Department of Transportation – DOTr Philippines (they respond quickly to messages as long as it’s between 8am and 5pm).

    Links below if you want to read the entire FAQ or the entire Implementing Rules and Regulations. If you read the FAQ, please take time to read the comments thread, as the DOTr page administrators take their time in replying to questions posted there as well.

    Sources: Department of Transportation – DOTr PhilippinesANTI-DISTRACTED DRIVING ACT (11 Things You Need To Know)Implementing Rules and Regulations  

    Recent Comments

    Very informative

    3 days ago

    Kasam ba ang rosary at maliit na imahe na nasa dashboard?

    4 days ago

    pano po kung nakakabit sa taas ng dash board ang guages sa tapat ng passenger seat?
    (ex. oil temperature, water temperature, volt meter, vacum guage)

    4 days ago

    Paggamit lang ba tlaga ng mga electronics devices? Paano iying mga jeepney driver na palingon sa likod pag kumukuha ng bayad at nag-aabot ng sukli?

    5 days ago

    Unfortunately, a lot of idiots actually do. People in this land need a comprehensive manual on how to talk and walk otherwise they’ll go about their own ways like innocent toddlers.
    Pag hindi nahuli, hindi bawal.
    Pati nanghuhuli, nagbubulagbulagan (Maliban na lang kung hihingi ng lagay.) kasi gawain din nila.

    6 days ago

    I understand the reason behind prohibiting the use of cellphones, tablets etc. during drving. But it seems nonsense to tell us where we should put our dashcam or navigator on our dashboard. I mean c’mon, do you think we will put it where it can block our line of sight? And we will get fine because of this?? What a garbage!!!!

    6 days ago
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