April 05, 2017

3 Helpful Apps for Commuters in PH

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    Commuting is an everyday struggle for workers, students, and even tourists in the Philippines. In fact, according to Waze Global Driver Satisfaction Index of 2015, Manila had the “worst traffic on Earth.” This is why, in order to deal with traffic difficulties in the country, these helpful apps for commuters were made available for FREE.


    Grab is a smartphone taxi booking and dispatching service that provides different types of vehicle options including taxis and cars with base fares priced at P30 and P70, respectively. Grab is convenient to use when you are stuck somewhere and cannot find any alternative vehicle to ride on. Commuters can simply use the Grab mobile application and enter his/her pick-up and drop off locations, then Grab will find the nearest available driver in the area. It also ensures that passenger’s safety as it provides the driver’s details and it can be shared to family and friends to track the ride.

    Download on Google Play or App Store

    Payment Options: Credit Card or Cash



    Uber is also a mobile booking app that provides different types of vehicles options like Sedan, SUV, and other premium cars. Its fares may vary due to traffic, weather, and other factors. Commuters can use the Uber app to find a ride easily as it also sends the nearest available driver in his/her pick-up area and drive him/her to the desired drop-off location. They also have the option to send the status of their ride to their contacts to ensure their safety.

    Download on Google Play or App Store

    Payment Options: Credit Card or Cash



    Wunder is an Urban Carpooling App that lets car owners share the empty seats in their cars with commuters who need a means of transportation. The payments between passengers and drivers are handled in cash at the end of the ride. The amount the passenger has to pay is shown to them prior to the ride in the Detail View of their Request or by pressing the + button in the Riding Tab, after the driver accepted the ride. Wunder carpoolers use the chat option to coordinate details.

    Download on Google Play or Download on App Store

    Payment Options: Cash only


    Images grabbed from pexels.com and the apps’ respective Facebook pages.

    Source: blog.waze.com, grab.com/ph/, uber.com, wunder.org

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    one way to deal with traffics here in Manila is to kill time! I usually browse my Facebook and Instagram. I also used Whatchu now. It’s a great app I recently downloaded. It’s really helpful for people looking for products nearby. 🙂

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