July 03, 2016

A list of all-time favorite Filipino dishes

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  • Ahh, who doesn’t love Filipino food? From staple breakfast food to odd yet interestingly tasty street food, one will surely be captivated by the amazing treats Philippines has to offer. To guide you on these uniquely Filipino dishes, let us list the best among the vast offerings of Filipino cuisine!

    1. Arroz caldo

    Arroz Caldo_edited


    Arroz caldo is a popular Filipino congee. It is usually made up of two kinds of rice (Jasponica and Miponica), chicken, and onions. It closely resembles a rice porridge but with a chicken topping. It’s normally served during breakfast but it can also be served as food when sick.


    2. Bicol Express

    Bicol Express

    Bicol Express is a dish that originated from Bicol Province. It is a pork dish cooked with coconut milk with chili and shrimp paste. It is a spicy dish which is a favorite viand in Filipino eateries. A lot of Filipino restaurants make their own version of Bicol Express as well.


    3. Bulalo


    If you’re a fan of soup dishes, you should try Bulalo. It is also a popular Filipino dish composed of beef shank, corn, and vegetables. It is a flavorful stewed dish, perfect for cold weathers, the reason why bulalohan (bulalo places) are popular in Tagaytay.


    4. Crispy Pata

    Crispy Pata (2)_web

    Crispy Pata is also a popular Filipino pork dish that’s usually seen in celebrations. This succulent pork dish uses a pig’s leg. It usually cooked by rubbing seasonings and then deep fried to get the crunchy taste. To make it more flavorful, Filipinos usually pair it with sauces such as ketchup, soy sauce, or atchara (pickled green papaya).


    5. Dinuguan


    If you’re the kind who eats despite the look of the food, you should try Dinuguan. It is a pork blood stew in dark color that is composed of pig’s blood, vinegar, and spices. Once you try it, you’ll definitely love the saucy texture that’s also usually served in a lot of Filipino eateries.


    6. Ginataan

    Ginataan Kalabasa

    Ginataan comes from its root word “gata” meaning coconut milk. There are many kinds of ginataan: there are ginataang sitaw (string beans), mais (corn), or shrimp. There’s also a sweet kind of ginataan which is composed of sticky rice balls, sago pearls, and jackfruit usually served during snack time.


    7. Gising Gising

    Gising Gising

    Gising Gising is a dish made of ground pork and green bean dish cooked in coconut milk. It is usually made with shrimp paste and also spices if you like spicy food. According to some, it resembles Bicol Express. Gising Gising is best partnered with rice!


    8. Inasal


    Are you familiar with Mang Inasal? If yes, then you should have loved the dish! Inasal is a grilled chicken recipe put in a stick. It’s a tasty dish best paired with java rice with pickled green papaya or soy sauce. It’s a favorite Filipino dish especially that it’s cooked easy yet it tastes very flavorful!


    9. Kaldereta


    Kaldereta is also a popular dish being served in many Filipino occasions. It is made up of cubed pork ham or belly, tomato sauce, and liver spread. This saucy and meaty dish is also a favorite meat stew because of its flavor. Aside from pork, goat meat is also used to make kaldereta.


    10. Kare-kare


    Yet another famous Filipino dish is kare-kare. It is being served in local restaurants because of its flavor. Kare-kare is a Filipino stew composed of thick savory peanut sauce, with a base of stewed oxtail, calves or pig’s feet, or even beef. It can also contain vegetables to enhance the flavor of the dish.


    11. Kinilaw


    Kiniliaw is a raw dish made of meat or seafood. It is somehow similar to ceviche. The main ingredient of kinilaw is vinegar or calamansi that makes its sour taste. Other ingredients being used in Kinilaw are celery, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and ginger.


    12. Laing


    Another coconut milk dish, Laing, is a favorite Filipino viand. It is a spicy dish with a base of dried taro leaves. Laing is popular in the Bicol region where it originated. It is topped with Thai chili to add up to its spiciness.


    13. Lengua


    Lengua, which means tongue in Spanish, is a Filipino dish made up of beef tongue in creamy mushroom sauce. Some people use pork or ox tongue when cooking Lengua. Its rich creamy sauce make it interestingly flavorful.


    14. Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Spring Rolls)

    Lumpiang Sariwa_sashikae

    For snacks, you should try the Filipino style of fresh spring roll. It’s a vegetable dish with a soft wrapper garnished with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts. It’s a favorite Filipino snack which can be bought in several snack stores in the country.


    15. Nilagang Baboy/Baka


    Nilaga or “boiled” in English, is a pork stew. It is usually composed of pork, potatoes, and vegetable such as cabbage. It is paired with hot piping white rice or fish sauce to add flavor. It can be easily cooked which is why it is a usual Filipino viand.


    16. Pancit


    Yet another favorite Filipino snack is pancit. Pancit or noodles, is a staple snack in the Philippines normally seen in Filipino birthday celebrations. There are many kinds of pancit: there is pancit canton, bihon, molo, miki, palabok, or stoanghon. Some are dry topped with pork or shrimp and some are served with soup.


    17. Pinakbet

    Pinakbet (2)

    Pinakbet is a popular Filipino dish from the northern region of the country. It comes from the word “pinakkebet” which means shrunk or shriveled. Pinakbet is made up of mixed vegetables steamed in fish or shrimp sauce. Some of the vegetables you can use when cooking this dish are eggplant, bittermelon (ampalaya), string beans, and squash.


    18. Pochero


    Pochero is a Filipino stew made up of pork belly, tomatoes, chick peas, cabbage, and tomato sauce. It is usually added with ripe banana to add more flavor. Pochero is a viand which is why it is best served with white rice.


    19. Sinigang


    Sinigang is a Filipino stew characterized by its sour and savoury taste. Sinigang can be made up of fish or pork. Its sour taste is made by tamarind, calamansi, or guava. It’s also best served  with white rice and fish sauce for added flavor.


    20. Tinola


    Tinola is a soup-based dish made of its main ingredient: the chicken. Tinola is also an easy dish which is composed of malunggay leaves, papaya, or chayote. It can also be served when sick because of its hot soup broth that can make people feel better.   


    21. Tuyo


    For fish lovers, you should try Tuyo. It is a dried fish salted liberally then sun and air-dried. It’s a favorite Filipino viand especially that it’s cheap and can be bought from local stores. It’s best paired with steamed rice and drizzled with calamansi to get the best flavor. 


    Are you hungry yet? Check these amazing dishes now and try to see what they taste like!

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