February 22, 2018

XSEED: Innovative Education Program in Filipino Schools

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  • Globally, students need to become more adept at the skills required to thrive in the 21st century workplace.  Jobs are now demanding not just knowledge, but problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. Fortunately, this demand is being met with a more innovative approach to education.

    Since 2016, XSEED, an education and technology company with headquarters in Singapore, has been helping educators in the Philippines shift their teaching methods with a comprehensive teaching and learning program. In 2017, it saw exponential growth with 30 primary schools in Luzon adopting the XSEED program.

    XSEED’s unique Five Step Learning Process ensures that children develop critical and analytical thinking skills by replacing traditional “chalk and talk” teaching methods. The XSEED program comprises over 10,000 comprehensive, researched teaching plans to help XSEED-trained teachers uncover and share each concept, step-by-step. The teaching plans guide teachers on how to teach each concept – setting a clear aim aligned with a learning outcome, conducting an activity, analyzing the experience, applying it in everyday life, and finally assessing what children have learned. Year-round coaching and training in the classroom further empowers teachers with the know-how and confidence necessary to continuously uplift classroom practice.

    Recently, educators and school administrators from around the country attended an XSEED forum to gain a deeper understanding of the program. The group learned about the impact XSEED is having, not just in the Philippines, but in over 3,000 schools across eight countries in South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

    XSEED’s flexible program draws on a schools’existing teachers, syllabus and classroom infrastructure, and provides schools with teaching materials, content and workbooks for children, assessments, and training.

    XSEED believes in developing the child’s foundation for life. For more information on XSEED, visit www.xseededucation.com.

    This is a press release Minor edits were made by Philippine Primer editors.

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