November 09, 2018

Katsuman in Poblacion, Makati Serves Famous Japanese Eel

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  • We may have already been hooked on the ever-famous sushi, but another Japanese staple might work more wonders for your appetite.

    Situated along JP Rizal St. in Poblacion, Makati, this newly opened Japanese restaurant Katsuman serves unagi that might as well now be included in your daily eating routine.

    Japanese Restaurant Katsuman

    Unagi is a freshwater eel and is popular among Japanese. Cultivated mainly during May to October, this dish is regarded as a summer food in Japan. It is also believed that the high content of vitamins it contains provides the needed stamina to conquer the summer fatigue.

    Savor the distinct taste of the famous eel by trying one from Katsuman’s sets of Unagi Kayabaki dish. Diners can choose from Unajyu-Tokujyo Set (L) (Php 1580), Unajyu-JYO Set (M) (Php 1,180), and Unadon Set (S) (Php 780)—all served with soup, pickles, and salad.

    Unajyu-Tokujyo Set (L) (Php 1580)

    Served with the eel (as topping) on the rice, this Katsuman’s Unagi Kabayaki is cut into six square fillets, skewered, and dipped in a sweet soy sauce before being broiled on a grill. This fish is chewy, making it more tempting to every palate.

    Aside from the fish, the Unagi Restaurant offers incredibly tender meat, also perfect for a hearty lunch. Sample the Wagyu Steak JYU (Php 880), which is also served with salad and soup. The steak has a very sweet flavor especially when dipped in its sauce.

    Wagyu Steak JYU (Php 880) 

    Katsuman is like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that has counter seating and a table, catering up to 10 persons.

    They also offer wines at such cheap prices!

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    Katsuman has counter seating to fit in more solo diners to not use up an entire table

    Katsuman offers an array of wines at cheap prices

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    Build out of vibrant wood, exuding a laid-back ambiance and sticking to the traditional approach of a Japanese restaurant, which is way simple and not fancy at all, this humble restaurant is a go-to place for family to experience a more intimate and casual dining experience. Better to reserve a slot to dine in on your desired time!

    For reservations, call 0945-805-8772 / 0929-488-6699 or visit for more details. 

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