September 21, 2016

The GetLaundry App: takes dirty laundry off your hands

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  • The GetLaundry App: takes dirty laundry off your hands

    With this app, you’ll never have to worry about your laundry ever again.

    If you’re a busy person, who couldn’t do so much household chores because of work, then let us introduce you to this app: GetLaundry.


    EASIEST WAY TO DO LAUNDRY. Just install the app and follow the steps! (Image grabbed from GetLaundry’s Facebook page)

    GetLaundry is a Smartphone application that simply lets you “take dirty laundry off your hands.” The app collects, cleans, and delivers your laundry which makes it very convenient for users especially that they do not have to endure hours-long of doing the laundry. The app has a network of professional laundry and dry-cleaning partners making sure that your clothing items are in good hands. What’s more interesting in this app is that it’s available at the time and date where it suits you, within 24 hours.

    Currently, the app is available in 6 countries namely United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.





    GET THAT LAUNDRY. Three easy steps and then your laundry’s good to go! (Images grabbed from the App Store)

    Download this app now and see how much it can help you when it comes to getting your clothes clean, fresh, and nice! GetLaundry is available on Google Play and App Store.

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