April 12, 2016


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    Wondering what you can do to share blessings? Download the Wunder App.




    When you hear the word Metro Manila, you’d almost always associate it with its unbearable transportation system. Blame it on malfunctioning trains and horrific traffic jams, your commute just got ten times more painful. Everyday wouldn’t be such a hassle if there’s one thing that can save the day, and good thing there’s Wunder.




    Wunder is an app that creates a community of carpoolers that entered Manila in February 2016. This app helps you to find people who will go the same direction that you do, which you can either be a passenger or a driver. You need to download the app and sign up for it to do so. You just need to enter your preferred pick up and drop off locations then the app finds you a match. Once the deal is agreed between the driver and the passenger, then you can now coordinate through contact.




    What makes Wunder a wonderful app is that requires no booking fee, and the price costs about P4.00 per km. Also, since it’s carpooling, it can convince people not to bring their cars anymore en route to their destination since they can share a ride with others—plus, fewer cars on the road! With drivers having a limit of 2 rides daily, on the way to work and back home. With that being said, it wouldn’t add up to the immense traffic by increasing the number of cars on the road. At the moment, the app uses only cash as a payment option. Although not that cheap compared to using public transport vehicles, it’s worth the price if you’re all for convenience and safety.

    This blessing of an app is worth sharing to your colleagues or friends! Wunder app is available in iOS and Android! Download it now and see how it works wonders!

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    Good day! i am interested, how can i lodge my application and what are the requirements? I have hyundai accent 2016. You can contact me at these numbers: 09467291664 and 09051811509. I will be gladly waiting for your feedback. Thank you so much.

    2 years ago

    im interested, can i apply? i own a car 6 seater, can i register to the wunder? pls reply and this is my number 09955501431

    thank you.

    2 years ago
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