December 27, 2015

Success Story: Henry Sy Sr.

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    We all know Henry Sy as one of the richest tycoons in the Philippines. However, not all people know what happened before all these achievements came to his life. Read up and see what made him become one of the country’s successful entrepreneurs.

    henry sy

    HENRY SY. Philippines’richest businessman. Photo grabbed from

    Believe it or not, Henry Sy’s story was a ‘rags to riches’ kind of tale. Born in China, Henry Sy was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Wanting to escape poverty, Henry followed his father to the Philippines only to find out his miserable state in a foreign country. Determined to become successful, Henry worked hard day and night to provide for his needs. He started out a small sari-sari store business which has helped them in their day-to-day life. Sy and his father used to live in a small space until the fruits of their labor made them successful in the passing years.

    Sy struggled hard living in a foreign country as he had to learn English. When the Philippine economy collapsed in World War II, their store got burned down which made his father go back to China. But with Henry Sy’s determination, he stayed in the Philippines and built his own shoe business in Marikina. Henry did not have an overnight success: he had to enroll himself to school, change legal names, give up on school, plus many other downs that happened in his life. But did he give up? No, because maybe he knew that something big, which is what he has now is about to come.

    After a series of failures in his business, Henry Sy stood back up and persevered to attain his goal. Now with over 40 plus malls, he surely became very successful in his feat. He is the most recognizable tycoon, with owned malls dominating the whole country. Sy had to put up with the successes and trials in his business, and now he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor.

    With his inspiring story, one can learn about the ideals of success. Henry Sy’s story tells us not to give up on our dreams, no matter how far-fetched it seems. Who knows, maybe yours is the next success story to tell!

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    Mr. Sy and i. Is same story, but I always pursue but never been achieve. Dreaming always but never been success. It is not bad to dream to get goal but most of all. It is not once twice trice but several-SO GODBLESS ME AND HELP ME FOR ALL. GODBLESS YOU MR. SY KONGHEWATCHAI KONGHE FATCHOI.

    a week ago

    Wow Its a Miraclre<3

    a month ago

    More details please

    7 months ago

    so inspiring

    8 months ago


    10 months ago

    Give more details of the falls he encountered and the strategies he use to overcome and surpass them.

    10 months ago


    12 months ago

    seems too summarized

    one year ago

    Needs more details!!!!

    one year ago

    Yep, Lack of details. Anyways, its somewhat just like an overview of Henry’s story.

    one year ago

    Thanks but I need more details

    one year ago

    wow! thnx for everything. it helps me in my assignments.

    one year ago

    Lacking more other details like how henry started shoe business. Who supported him? What happened to his father?

    one year ago


    one year ago

    4 stars

    2 years ago
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