May 20, 2019

Honest Fruit Store Now Available in the Philippines

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  • Honesty store is a simple self-service store concept where products are left unattended and lets honest customers take what they want and pay for it.

    In Japan, honest fruit store has become a trend, especially in offices. Various workplaces have opened up their own mini convenience store selling fresh fruits. Through this, the honesty of Japanese employees (and Japanese in general), is further practiced.

    Although there is a risk of having the product or money stolen, honesty plays a big role in order for honesty stores to be successful.

    For companies here in Manila, it is not impossible to practice this brilliant system in offices as well. This type of honesty store does not cost companies any initial fee or monthly fee, plus it can save employees the trouble of wasting minutes or hours to go to convenience stores to buy fruits after a meal.

    In order to put up an honest fruits store, it would be great to start with a box of bananas and apples from a supplier that imports fresh produce at an affordable price.

    Watari Asia Inc. is a wholesaler from Japan that imports fresh and healthy produce you will need for your office’s honest fruits store.

    An advantage you can get from them is they have a variety of local-grown vegetables and imported fruits such as the ‘Gala apple’ from New Zealand and Japan’s Fuji apples.

    IMAGE Watari Asia Inc. website

    Aside from the cheap supply price, they also deliver the fruit products daily to your office in Makati and BGC without delivery charge!

    If you wish to put up your own honesty store in your offices, it’s a business to consider. Not only will it help eliminate hunger from your workplaces, but it will also help your employees practice honesty daily!

    For more information, you may contact Yohki Manabe of Watari Asia Inc. through (02) 886-8856 and 0939-990-2375 or you may send an email at Watari Asia Inc. is located at 3/F DOLE Fresh Building, 7433 Yakal St. San Antonio Village, Makati City. Visit their website at

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