October 17, 2018

Halloween Activities for Adults to Try This All Hallow’s Eve

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  • Who says that Halloween is just for kids? These days, everyone can celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Halloween is usually spent with tubs of candy, spooky costume and party but whether it be through horror movie marathons or through dressing up, All Hallow’s Eve is a celebration for all ages.

    While the Halloween season in the Philippines is usually meant to prepare for “The Day of the Dead” or “Undas,” some people still celebrate it as most countries do. Trick-or-Treat events have become common in the Metro that even malls hold these events where children can collect their candies from stores.

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    Join Philippine Primer as we take a look at some of the Halloween activities that adults can enjoy in Manila!

    Escape Rooms

    Escape rooms have become a recreational activity for most people, whether you’re with a group of friends who want to do something different or you’re a thrill-seeker who is always looking for something exciting. Some escape rooms even boast horror-themed rooms that are perfect for Halloween.

    Breakout Philippines
    Breakout Philippines registration area in Paragon Plaza

    Breakout Philippines is an interactive game where players solve puzzles and find clues to beat the game. Players are given 45 minutes to beat the game and escape the room. Breakout Philippines currently has six (6) branches in the Metro and they currently have a collection of 24 rooms across their branches. They also have special events that are only offered for a limited time.

    “Paranoia” (Greenbelt 5) and “Hide and Seek” (Paragon Plaza) are just two of their horror-themed rooms that you ought to give a go. The price ranges for Breakout are as follows:

    Mondays to Thursdays:

    • One to six players – Php 300 per head

    Weekends (Fridays – Sundays) and Holidays:

    • One to two players – Php 600
    • Three to four players – Php 500
    • Five to six players – Php 400

    For more detailed descriptions of the rooms, branches, game mechanics and registration, please visit their website or Facebook page. You can also e-mail them at support@breakout.com.ph.

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    Mystery Manila

    Mystery Manila immerses their guests in rooms that are both elaborate and mysterious. Mystery Manila believes in challenging people hence they encourage their players to have new experiences, broaden their imagination and be creative. Players are given one (1) hour to escape the room where five (5) minutes will be deducted should the players feel the need to ask for clues from the staff member who will be with them inside the room. Currently, Mystery Manila has four (4) branches and 18 rooms to choose from.

    “Debby’s Doll” (Century City Mall) and “Morbid Morgue” (Ayala Malls the 30th) are among their horror-themed rooms that are perfect for Halloween. The price ranges are as follows:

    • For two players – Php 550 per head
    • For three players – Php 500 per head
    • For four players – Php 450 per head
    • For five players – Php 400 per head
    • For six players – Php 400 per head

    For more detailed descriptions of the rooms, game mechanics and registration, please visit their website or Facebook page. You can also e-mail them at info@mysterymanila.com.

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    Left Behind: The Great Escape

    Left Behind is a new escape room in the Metro. They are located in Vertis North Mall, Quezon City and opened on the 29th of September 2018. They currently have four (4) rooms available to choose from and players are given 45 minutes to escape from their rooms.

    “The Tale of Yamauba” is a room that will surely leave you scared but wanting more.

    For more detailed descriptions of the rooms, game mechanics and registration, please visit their website or Facebook page. You can also e-mail them at leftbehindph@gmail.com.

    Ghost Hunts

    The Philippines is one of the countries with vibrant histories, hence, the country is a hotspot for ghost tours. The country’s capital alone is full of spots where you can look for some legit Halloween scares. Be warned though, they are not for the faint of heart.

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    Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

    Baguio City is famous not only for being one of the best places to go to during the summer but also for their famous haunts. This includes Teachers Camp and the infamous Laperal White House.

    Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City is located at the top of Dominican Hill; it was a seminary and rest house for priests and nuns before it was developed into a hotel. The spirits that lurk in the halls of the hotel were priests and nuns who passed away in the hotel during World War II.

    A film titled “Diplomat Hotel” was released in 2013 that details the experiences of a film crew who was tasked to create a documentary about the hotel.

    Manila Film Center, CCP Complex

    IMAGE Wikimedia Commons

    A construction accident in the 1980s caused many souls to remained trapped in the Manila Film Center. The construction crew needed to complete the structure within a three-month deadline which led to the upper floor of the center to collapse. Although it was never proven, many believe that the bodies of the deceased construction workers were buried under the cement structure of the Manila Film Center.

    A popular urban legend about the tragedy involves a man who would ask a random passerby to call his family for him to tell them that he is alright. When the passer-by would make the call, they would be greeted with a startled woman on the other lining telling them that the man died in the Manila Film Center tragedy.

    Clark Airbase Hospital, Clark, Pampanga

    Featured in National Geographic’s “I Wouldn’t Go In There,” Pampanga’s Clark Airbase Hospital is one of the places that you might or might not want to visit for a ghost hunt. Back in the day, the casualties of World War II and the Vietnam War were brought to the hospital to be treated. Spirits of the fallen now roam the halls of the now abandoned hospital and even elementals have joined their ranks.

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    Balete Drive, Quezon City

    IMAGE Wikimedia Commons

    Located in the New Manila district, Quezon City’s Balete Drive is known for the urban legend that surrounds it. The name Balete is derived from the numerous Balete trees that used to be found in the street which gave it a frightening aura for the residents of Manila.

    The legend that surrounds the street involves a white lady, who, in the legend, was involved in a car accident that ultimately ended her life in Balete Drive. According to the legend, a young lady was run over by a taxi driver at night and was buried around a Balete tree in Balete Drive.

    Halloween Parties

    While most Halloween parties are for kids, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t party on Halloween!

    These are just a few of the many Halloween activities that can be done in the Philippines. But no matter what they are, they will surely leave you with an impression that will surely knock your socks off.

    Halloween ComicFest 2018

    While it’s not your regular party, bookworms can rejoice as FullyBooked has prepared exclusive Halloween deals! On October 27, 2018, drop by any of FullyBooked’s branches in Metro Manila to get one (1) FREE comic book! It’s on a first come, first serve basis and only until supplies last! So better get your Halloween hats and fly on your broomsticks to the nearest FullyBooked to get your free comic book!

    Meanwhile, on the same date, there will be a 20% sale for graphic novels, Art of Books and comics! This sale is eligible for all their branches nationwide and can also be used on FullyBooked Online! For more details on this years Halloween ComicFest, head on to their event page!

    Island Halloween: Day of the Dead

    Come in your best costume and party at The Island, Uptown Bonifacio this Halloween. The event is an 18+ only event that will feature music from various DJs and musicians. This event is a no costume, no entry event – so remember to come in your best Dia de Muertos or Halloween costume and get a chance to win prizes!

    For more information, you can visit their event page!

    What are you doing this Halloween? Share your plans for All Hallow’s Eve in the comments section! 

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