August 07, 2018

Do This, Not That: The Three Types of Annoying Travelers

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  • It’s no secret that taking a vacation offers a lot of benefits. This is why people should take a break from life’s daily grind every once in a while. One good way to spend a vacation is by traveling.

    Travelling has many perks. Whether you’re planning on being a local tourist or prefer to visit foreign shores, traveling is a great way to taste new food, meet lots of different people, and learn more about culture. It also serves as a stress reliever and may even lower the risk of depression.

    The excitement of traveling, however, can sometimes get the better of us and we fail to take a few important things into consideration. To make the most out of your travels, try your best not to be one of these guys:

    The Culturally Insensitive Visitor

    Mr. /Ms. Culturally Insensitive is completely clueless when it comes to the right manners and conduct befitting a visitor. Before traveling, it’s always good advice to do a little research about the place you’re going (especially if it’s abroad), but not them. These guys often come back from their trip complaining that their restaurant server didn’t smile or that the tip they gave the waiter was frowned upon. Just because JFK accidentally called himself a jelly donut doesn’t mean that the rest of us have a license to disrespect other cultures.

    The Noisy Traveller

    Kids are taught at an early age to use their “indoor voice” to avoid disturbing others especially in museums and places of worship. The indoor voice, however, is a foreign concept to the Noisy Traveller.  They don’t understand why it’s needed when they visit a temple or an art gallery and are capable of creating a raucous when building security kicks them out.

     The Screen Addict

    One of the things health experts recommend taking a break from is one’s phone screen. Traveling is the perfect time to unplug from our electronic devices and simply live in the moment. Thanks to social media, many travelers and vacationers are still seemingly glued to their screens, even when engaged in another activity. Screen Addicts usually post hundreds of photos from their 3-day vacation on their many social media accounts. On top of that, these guys usually have either a blog or a vlog as well. This traveler is easy to spot given that they take hundreds of photos (at least half of which are selfies), and often talk to their phones or cameras.

    Just so you know, this is something that can happen when you’re on your phone all the time:

    Travelling is great and is even better when you don’t attract the ire of both locals and your fellow travelers. Just remember that brushing up on your knowledge about the place you’re going to is a fool-proof way of starting on the right foot.

    Source: Agoda Global Annoying Travel Habits Survey 2018 

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