May 25, 2018

Keeping the Faith’s Robi Domingo wins Best TV Host

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  • Filipino TV personality Robi Domingo was awarded as the Best Male TV Host of the Year at the recently held 49th Box Office Entertainment Awards in the Philippines.

    TV Personality Robi Domingo with Japanese actor/narrator Kaz Sawamura

    The Box Office Entertainment Awards is a yearly award ceremony created by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation. The award show aims to honor TV personalities who contribute to the success of the entertainment industry in the Philippines.

    Domingo, who is the recipient of this year’s Best Male TV Host award, expressed his gratitude for the recognition. “This serves as a great reminder to always be at your best, and to continue being hungry for knowledge and wisdom,” said Domingo in an Instagram post.

    Previously, Robi Domingo hosted the travelogue Keeping the Faith: The Story of Japan’s Hidden Christians aired in ABS-CBN News Channel. In this three-part documentary, he and Japanese actor and TV narrator Kaz Sawamura explored Amakusa, a city in Japan where they learned about Japan’s religious culture.

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    The documentary showed the fascinating Hidden Christian Village, which perfectly captured Amakusa’s significant piece of history.

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    The said show aired on ABS-CBN News Channel in December 2017. If you wish to watch this documentary, you may log on to iWant to watch the interesting travelogue that tells the story of Japan’s Hidden Christians.

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