May 17, 2018

Important Travel Tips from TV show ‘Better Late Than Never’ Season 2

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  • Important Travel Tips from TV show ‘Better Late Than Never’ Season 2
  • An American adaptation of a Korean TV show, the Better Late Than Never is a series following a cast of “seasoned” American celebrities as they travel overseas without luxuries and experiencing new cultures.

    The show’s first season had them traveling all over Asia and now, they are going for Europe. Henry Winkler, William Shatner, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw and the younger comedian, Jeff Dye set off to Munich, Berlin, Lithuania, Sweden, and more. But before that, they want to share travel tips that they have learned along the way.

    Dress like the locals

    Blend with the surroundings and understand the local’s traditions by dressing in their outfits. In Europe, the boys dressed up in many traditional and historical outfits such as the Lederhosen in Germany which are short knee-length leather pants that were worn by working-class German men and the Spanish bullfighter clothing traje de luces (suits of lights) distinguished by sequins, gold and silver threads. The locals will also appreciate the effort.

    Learn to Haggle

    Smile. That could make a difference between paying a higher price and getting a bargain. Pick up a few important words in the local language. Tourists will always get the tourist price so learn phrases such as “how much is this?” to break the ice. Ultimately, you want to haggle down without being too cheap.

    Try Local Food

    Over the span of eight episodes in this season of Better Late Than Never, the five celebrities will embark on unique culinary adventures that are full of surprises. Food, after all, is a huge factor when it comes to traveling. Better ask locals where they eat and you’ll get more immersive recommendations that will be better than any five-star restaurants can offer.

    Be ready for the unexpected

    William Shatner had no idea what to expect for this season. He had no idea that they would be judging a traditional goat beauty pageant or perform an ABBA number in front of an audience. Take to heart one pragmatic tip: be ready and be adaptable, because you will experience a lot of unexpected things when you travel.

    Be open to New Experiences

    Great memories are made from trying something new. When the five celebrity adventurers set out on this trip, they certainly weren’t expecting to dress up as Vikings or learn how to yodel in the Bavarian Alps. Travel should not just be about simply sightseeing to take selfies or souvenir photos at landmarks. “The best experiences come from trying out different activities and mingling with locals.”

    Don’t sweat the small stuff! Always remember that you’re on a vacation and sometimes it’s alright to just… relax. Travel with the cast throughout Europe as Better Late Than Never Season 2 is now on Sony Channel! The new episode airs every Wednesdays at 8:50 pm starting May 16, 2018.

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