November 08, 2017

Filipino artist Kristian Kabuay revives Baybayin

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  • Having a distinct identity or practice will definitely help in strengthening a country’s own identity. The Philippines was using its own way of writing centuries ago through the Baybayin, but as years passed, this form of writing has come close to extinction.

    With advancements in technology and the influence brought by foreign colonizers, Filipinos are slowly forgetting the value this form of writing left the country as a whole. Come and know more about a local artist who is pushing the odds to revive this ancient form of writing: Kristian Kabuay!

    IMAGE Kristian Kabuay’s Facebook Account

    Filipino artist Kristian Kabuay, who is now based in San Franciso, California, wanted to show his gratitude to his local roots by reviving Baybayin through his works of art. As an artist, he considers this form of writing more than just a masterpiece; for him, it is about strengthening his identity as a Filipino and reliving the true Filipino experience.

    IMAGE Kristian Kabuay’s Facebook Account

    IMAGE Baybayin LLC

    After being colonized, a lot of Filipinos forgot the true value of our native script, which came close to extinction. With his advocacy of preserving this culture through his works, Filipinos will now be able to regain a stronger sense of identity and allow this form of writing to be known to all Filipinos.

    Graffiti Artist Tags in 'Pre-Filipino' Baybayin Language

    This former graffiti artist is trying to revive the ancient script of the Philippines and reclaim his identity.

    AJ+さんの投稿 2017年10月24日(火)

    Last November 4, 2017, he was at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for FACT (Filipino Americans Coming Together) conference and gave talks on Baybayin & Traditional Tattoos where he was applauded by many. Aside from being recognized through his works, Kristian Kabuay also started his own foundation — Baybayin LLC, a foundation that focuses on Philippine indigenous writing for Cultural identity and Economic gain for Preservation.

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    Written by Patricia Antoinette M. Nacianceno
    Image Source: Kristian Kabuay’s Facebook Account, Baybayin LLC; Video from AJ+ Facebook Page 

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