September 06, 2016

Re-introducing the Filipinos to the Escalator Etiquette

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  • It’s the usual morning scenarios for the Filipino commuters – the constant pushing and nudging, sometimes accidentally, most of the time, intentionally during rush hours in MRT/LRT and bus stations in the country. In the Philippines, if you want to survive the life in transit, best is to leave all your docile and meek nerves at the comforts of your home and unleash the inner warrior within you every time you’ll take a step in the metro, basically for one main reason: people are always in a hurry.

    This somewhat annoying situation also best applies for most escalator encounters, whether in malls, bus or MRT/LRT stations.  Say this familiar situation: you don’t want to be late (who wants to be anyway?) and you’re doing everything to be as quick as you can but the person before you on the escalator is not. Checkmate – now you’re stuck on one of the stairs frantically glancing at the ticking time, unable to move past other people.

    Until at last – the escalator etiquette.

    Here’s a Facebook post by a netizen named Ken Lerona, stating his support to SM Supermalls’ effort of starting an escalator discipline.


    “Kudos to SM Supermalls for starting this discipline. It’s about time we practice this. If we can abide by this rule in other countries, for sure we can do this in our own land.”

    (Screen capture via Ken Lerona’s Facebook status

    The post earned a lot of support from netizens with almost 30,000 likes and 3,000 shares.

    After all, what’s the use of the hastened escalator and elevator refurbishment projects in the country if we cannot obey the simple rules that are in the first place, implemented for the betterment of both the machine and its consumers?

    It’s really about time that we put into practice proper escalator etiquette and be more considerate of our fellow commuters.

    Remember: Left – Walk, Right – Stand; simple as that.


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