May 05, 2017

Check out these Cool and Comfy clothes by UNIQLO for Summer 2017!

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  • Check out these Cool and Comfy clothes by UNIQLO for Summer 2017!
  • Looking for cool outfits to wear this summer? See UNIQLO’s guide for cool and comfortable wear for men and women.

    UT Andre Saraiva

    W’s Andrew Saraiva (P590), W’s Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans (P990)

    Design made with art commissioned by Uniqlo that centers around Mr. A, a character created by Andre, a graphic artist representing the Parisian street scene. Now you can dress street-style in big tees, ringer tees, or high-neck tees. For the name print on the back lining, we used his theme color of pink for all the prints. Complete this look with W’s Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans.



    FUTURA (P590), Slim Fit Jeans (P990)

    He/She is a graphic artist born in the United States. He/She began her artistic activities from the early 1970s where he/she was mainly involved with the graffiti scene on New York subways. His/Her novel style of incorporating abstract expressionism into graffiti which was normally only letters earned her a strong reputation as art that transcended the street. His/Her dynamic and lively works have been reproduced on UT. Enjoy wearing this single item in a variety of styles. Complete this look with Slim Fit Jeans.



    W’s Drape Camisole (P790), W’s Drape Wrap Skirt (P990)

    The top is a trendy looking camisole that can be worn alone or as a layering item for diverse use. It is made by drapey material and has a just-right straight silhouette. Ideal for layering with a t-shirt.

    For the skirt, Uniqlo used two-way stretchy material, which stretches horizontally and vertically, for a moderate drape. This is a polyester material so it is easy to care for and handle. We love that this essential skirt has a clean image and can be worn even in a cosmopolitan office.



    Swim Active Shorts (P990)

    For the beach, the pool, or out and about: our cool retro surf active shorts. Mesh liner means they make excellent swimwear. Drawstring cord and hook & loop closure waistband let you slip them on and off with ease. Back pocket features a loop for attaching keys or other small items.



    W’s Suprima Crew Neck Sleeve (P590)

    Super trendy pleats, with a high waist and midi cut for an elegant, ample look! Designed with a high waist, for a long-legged look with a tucked-in top. Below-the-knee midi length creates an attractive long, slender silhouette. Lovely swaying pleats add a feminine style. Made from light, stylish chiffon material.



    Dry Pique Polo (P990), Cargo Shorts (P790)

    These comfortable men’s cargo shorts feature an elastic waist for relaxed comfort. The knee-length cut makes them cool and light, ideal for warm weather. Pre-washed to create the casual cargo feel, the side pockets are not gusseted, creating a sleeker silhouette. These handy shorts are great for everything from relaxing at home to leisure activities.

    The classic polo shirt in basic solid colors. Made with lightweight pique fabric, it feels refreshingly cool and comfortable on hot days. The basic design looks good on everyone, and it’s perfect for transitioning from the office to the tennis court.

    Aren’t these clothes so fashionable? Buy yours now!

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    *Prices may change without prior notice

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