March 25, 2014

The Devarana

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  • Welcome to the paradise in the sky! Have a wonderful experience in the prestigious spa that the luxury Thai hotel chain, Dusit Thani, offers. Besides from being a distinguished spa, Devarana Spa is also well loved by numerous.

    devarana spa


    One Step to the Best Spa

    One step in the spa of the best!

    After opening the door of Devarana Spa, you’ll be welcomed by a long corridor with white marbles, which seems like a trail going to heaven.

    When you already finished confirming your name to the receptionist, you will be then guided to a sofa, where you will fill up a questionnaire (regarding your physical condition) while drinking Devarana’s homemade Ginger Tea.

    Once you are already finished with the paperwork, you will decide among Devarana’s 4 massage oil (namely Ilang-Ilang, Lavender, Relaxing and Balancing) that will be used in your treatment. We recommend that you choose the one that suits your current mood and physical condition.


    The Original Scrub is based on Cocktail Ingredients

    Cocktail material is original scrub the base

    First, let’s go to the couple’s room.

    This room radiates a warm and relaxing atmosphere, caused by its soft lightning and modern Thai interior. In addition, it is said that you need to take a shower first before proceeding to the treatment. This room has 2 shower rooms that have sophisticated facilities.

    Next, let’s talk about the body scrub.

    This includes the original scrub based on cocktail ingredients that changes every 2 months; honey, brown sugar, melon, mint, and lime are some of the choices for cocktail scrub. One of our staffs has chosen ‘Melon, which is available from March to April; in addition, Melon has a sweet scent, and when it is used for scrubbing your body, the hand strokes just delicately glides onto your skin.


    This is indeed the Philippines! Halo-halo Scrub

    Philippines indeed! Haroharo scrub

    Halo-halo is the best dessert to represent the Philippines; however, it also turns into a ‘scrub menu,’ which is also the most popular item in this section. Halo-halo scrub has sweet corn, red beans, banana, coconut, and vanilla scent. This session will turn your skin smooth as silk.


    Refreshing Your Body and Mind

    Body and mind refresh

    When you’re already done taking a shower and with body scrub, then it’s finally time to have a massage.

    One of our staffs have chosen the ‘Balancing’ oil for ‘Terawan’ massage, which incorporates Terawan Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massage (90 minutes). In addition, on a bed with a hole for your face, you wil lie down on your stomach while you are being massaged. The warm, yet, refreshing aroma of orange and lime will fill the place, relaxing your mind and body.

    Body and mind refresh11

    This treatment will not only relax you, but it will also make your skin smooth and moisturized; even after 2 days of having this treatment, your skin will still feel moist.

    ◇ Devarana massage [ 90 minutes ] P4, 100
    ◇ Ginger complex & back massage [ 60 minutes ] P2, 900
    ◇ Traditional herb compress & Thai massage [ 120 minutes ] P3, 700
    ◇ Halo halo body scrub [ 60 minutes ] P3, 000
    ◇ Rose petal body scrub [ 60 minutes ] P3, 000
    ◇ Replenishing marine facial [ 60 minutes ] P3, 900
    ◇ Soothing sea for men [ 60 minutes ] P3, 900
    ◇ Sensible essence facial [ 60 minutes ] P3, 900
    ◇ Living radiance [ 120 minutes ] P5, 200
    ◇ Devarana touch of heaven [ 120 minutes / 180 minutes ] P7, 100 / P 7,700
    ◇ Soothing sea for men [ 60 minutes ] P3, 900
    ◇ Sensible essence facial [ 60 minutes ] P3, 900

    Dusit Thani Manila Ayala Center, Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines

    (632) 867-3333

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